Sustainability Ratings for Affordable Housing

Kishan Thakkar K

Ratings of residential buildings for sustainability have only recently begun. Green Rating for Integrated Rating Assessment (GRIHA) by TERI and Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) are two of the main assessment frameworks in India. With the launch of PMAY-U, they have also created segments for affordable housing.

  1. The GRIHA-AH rating applies to any project that has received approval or sanction from the central or state government. The built-up areas are divided into two groups: 5,000 square meters or less and 5,000 square meters or more. The registration and rating fees are Rs 3 lakhs plus taxes for the former, and Rs 9 per square meter for the latter. 
  2. The IGBC had launched the Green Affordable Housing Rating in order to ensure quality housing with a high degree of sustainability. A registration fee, pre-certification fee, and certification fee are charged according to the number of dwelling units (DUs). The fees for 500 DUs, for example, are Rs 2.2 lakhs for IGBC members.

In Summary

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