Stilt Parking: What Are Its Effects on Building Safety?

Kishan Thakkar K

Nowadays, a number of housing societies are offering stilt parking facilities in place of standard parking areas. Many metropolitan cities, like Mumbai and Delhi, do not have enough space to provide open parking, so stilt parking is the best option. 

Let’s begin by defining stilt parking in this context. The buyer will also be able to sell off their stilt parking space, as well as discuss how stilt parking can affect the structural safety of the building. 

What is stilt parking? 

A stilt car parking is the semi-open space on the ground floor that is reserved for parking vehicles that are part of a building.

It is common practice in housing societies that, in case of a shortage of space, the ground floor space is used to provide parking spaces for residents.

The building’s base structure is constructed on an eight-feet-high floor, which serves as both a partially covered parking space and as the foundation for the entire structure.

It is illegal for builders to sell open parking spaces?

As per the Real Estate Act, 206, builders operating in India are not entitled to sell open parking spaces.

In accordance with the central RERA act, open parking spaces are included in the common area of an apartment complex & are free of floor space index (FSI). The elaborate conveyance deed must include a transfer of open parking spaces in the name of the housing society. 

How safe are buildings with stilt parking?

It has been questioned whether stilt parking is safe if it stands on hollow ground. In an earthquake manual titled, ‘Handbook on seismic retrofit of buildings’, the Central Public Works Department, in 2007, cited stilt constructions as one of the major deficiencies of building masonry. “A ground storey without walls (for car parking) can cave in,” says the manual.

However, some architects and civic officials argue that by applying effective design techniques, building structures can be earthquake-resistant.

On a Final Note

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