Should You Consider Buying a House Near the Airport?

Sakera Patel S


You’ve recently started a new job in an area that you don’t know very well, and you’re thinking about buying a house close to the airport so you can be near your office. Is this something you should do? To help you determine if it’s the right move for you, here are some of the pros and cons of buying a house near an airport, so you can make an informed decision.

The Advantages of Living near an Airport

Should You Consider Buying a House Near an Airport? An airport can be an intimidating place. Planes flying in and out, constant bustle, crowds—the list goes on. In reality, though, airports have their advantages. Whether you work at an airport or are just a fan of flying, living close to an airport could be for you. If you’re considering buying a home near one of these hubs of travel, here are three benefits to think about 

1. Convenience living near an airport means easy access to flights. For frequent travelers, that means less time waiting around for your flight and more time enjoying your vacation or business trip. 

2. Safety A few studies indicate that homes located within 500 meters of an airport may be safer than those farther away because they are better protected from natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, which aren’t common in areas surrounding most major airports. 

3. Price The price of real estate is usually lower in areas near airports, especially if there isn’t much else nearby. That makes it easier to buy a bigger home with plenty of room for guests and family members who visit often. 

The Disadvantages of Living near an Airport

While living near an airport might seem like a dream come true for some, it’s important to note that airports can be very noisy. This means that those who buy houses close to busy airports may find themselves subjected to constant planes flying overhead, as well as disturbing service vehicles and alarms blaring in response to emergencies. Furthermore, many people end up feeling uneasy about living so close to something as dangerous as an active airfield. Finally, one should be aware of potential zoning issues when considering buying a home near an airport. For example, homes located too close to major flight paths could face restrictions on how high they can be built or where they can be placed on their property. In other words, make sure you do your research before purchasing real estate next to an airport!

Have I made myself clear?

It depends. It really does depend on your situation and personal preferences, and whether or not there’s even housing available near an airport where you might be interested in living. For example, if your job requires that you fly to different airports regularly, it might make sense to buy something as close as possible to one of those locations—as long as it doesn’t increase your commute time (or cost).

However, if convenience is important but availability is limited, then maybe the distance isn’t such an issue for you. Regardless of how far away from an airport housing happens to be located, airports are often great communities that offer many amenities and conveniences—and plenty of things to do.


Several factors should be considered before deciding on such an option. The pros and cons of living near an airport can help guide your decision-making process to make sure that your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare reality. So what are you waiting for? Go make that big decision!


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