Salient Features of National Building Code (NBC)

Kishan Thakkar K

The National Building Code of India is a national instrument for governing the construction of buildings across the country. All agencies involved in building construction, whether they are public works departments, local authorities or private construction firms, should adopt it as a model code.

Administrative regulations, rules for development control, and general requirements are included in the code. Specifics for fire safety, materials, structural design, and construction (including safety), and building and plumbing services are also included as well as methods for achieving sustainability.

First published in 1970, they were revised again in 1983, and the latest revision was in 2005.

NBC 2016 contains 12 Parts, some of which are further divided into Sections. There are 33 chapters in the entire document.

According to this third revision, the following changes have been incorporated:

  1. Ensure that all project-related responsibilities are met.
  2. The provision on computerizing the approval process has also been detailed to achieve the above objectives.
  3. In addition to professional certification for the structural safety of buildings, peer review of design for buildings has been strengthened.
  4. In the built environment requirements for persons with disabilities and the elderly, several revisions and updates have been made.
  5. A thorough revision has been made to the provisions concerning fire and life safety
  6. To ensure structural safety, the latest structural loading and design and construction codes have been incorporated
  7. All building and plumbing provisions have been updated
  8. New/alternative building materials and technologies have been incorporated into provisions
  9. For timely completion of building projects, construction management guidelines were incorporated
  10. Buildings and built environments have been provided with guidelines on becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly

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