How Civil Engineering Relates to Real Estate?

Kishan Thakkar K

Land or buildings are purchased, sold, or managed under real estate, while facilities or buildings on real estate are built under civil engineering. It is a fact that these two professions do not interact that often, and if they do it is primarily through the architect or developer.

To start with, real estate consists of both lands and buildings. It is the field of buying and selling properties and buildings. The better your communication skills are the more profit you will produce.

Engineering is more of a technical field where you design and construct structures, such as houses or dams. Civil engineering is mainly used in real estate projects to build all projects, from feasibility studies to the defining of the outcomes

To become a civil engineer, you need hard work, four precious years of your life, while to become a real estate investor, you only need capital.

There is no doubt the real estate business is riskier than working in civil engineering.


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