Regional Planning, Development Planning, and Town Planning: Explained

Sujan Afi S

Although we have heard the term ‘Planning’ many times in our daily life still many of us have confusion regarding various aspects of planning like the difference between regional planning, development planning, and town planning.

Among various types of planning, the concept of regional planning, development planning, and town planning seems to be more important. Therefore, the blog is going to be very important for those who want to omit their confusion regarding regional planning, development planning, and town planning.

What is Regional Planning?

The term region may be defined as a large area where homogeneity is seen in both the physical aspects (like climate, vegetation, soil, topography, etc.) and social aspects (population type, culture, religion, language, socio-economic status, etc.). 

When various socio-economic planning is constructed for a specific region then it is known as regional planning. Regional planning includes land-use activities, infrastructure, and settlement growth across the specific region. It is a multidisciplinary approach where the emphasis is given to the holistic development of a region.

What is Development Planning?

The term Development Planning directs comparatively a complex issue where different forms of development in a different context have been discussed. The term Development Planning directs to certain steps or plans or actions and by following these steps or plans or actions a person or organization or local administrative authority or a country wants to achieve some specific goals or milestones within a certain time.

What is Town Planning?

In a general aspect, the term Town Planning directs to the managing of land resources in a town for the overall development and smooth management of a specific town. It includes the strategies like future management of the town, emergency management of the town, regular management of the town, pollution control of the town, the settlement growth pattern of the town, infrastructural growth of the town, etc. Here all kinds of the plan are done based on the specific conditions of that particular town. Town planning is a dynamic process where necessary steps are taken keeping relationship with the requirement of local people, development proposals of the town, local and country policy, etc.

Comparative Analysis of Various Aspects of Regional Planning, Development Planning, and Town Planning

Several differences are seen between regional planning, development planning, and town planning which are discussed in detail below:

  1. Regional planning directs to the overall planning for an entire region, whereas in town planning all focus is given to the plan of a specific town. A region certainly covers a large area than the area of a town. On the other hand, development planning can be done for an entire country as well as for a specific organization or a person.
  2. Regional planning is done to reduce spatial inequality in respect of development within a region, whereas when development planning is done for a country then focus is given to reducing spatial inequality concerning the development throughout the country. Besides in the case of town planning focus is given to ensure that there is no inequality in receiving basic amenities and services for every single citizen of the town.
  3. All rural and urban people are benefited from regional and development planning, whereas in town planning benefit is mainly received by the urban people.
  4. Development planning is mainly done to the overall development of a country. Therefore, it requires a huge amount of money in budget compared to regional and town planning. As regional planning covers a broad area than town planning, therefore, in the case of regional planning the amount of money required for planning is generally more than town planning.
  5. As in the case of development planning focus is mainly given to the overall development of a country, therefore, it requires a huge time which is certainly higher than regional planning and town planning. On the other hand, regional planning requires more time than town planning.
  6. The country is less dynamic than a region. Therefore, the development planning which is done for an entire country is generally less dynamic than regional planning. Besides, a town is more dynamic where the concentration of various kinds of economic works is high. Thus, town planning is also more dynamic than regional planning. 

In Summary

It can be said that although regional planning, development planning, and town planning all are talking about planning there are significant differences among them. Therefore, it is advisable to check carefully before using a particular term.

We have tried to differentiate between the three types of planning. Still, you may reach out to our experts for further guidance. Drop a mail at to book an appointment at the earliest!


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