The Benefits of Redeveloping an Old House

Sujan Afi S

It is our emotions that make us the unique creation of the Almighty. Human beings can love. It is our emotions that make us feel the pain that our near and dear ones suffer. But this love and attachment are not limited to only human beings.

We tend to have deep affections towards the things surrounding us. Don’t you feel sad when the old coffee mug breaks? Don’t you get disheartened to leave the room where you have spent several years? 

The Japanese people have learnt the art of Kintsugi, that is, the beautiful art to join broken pieces back together with gold. Thus, they know how to beautifully preserve those things that are old or broken. Ultimately, the joined pieces turn out to be more beautiful, unique, and marvellous! Through this technique, they have learnt to preserve their history, their unique tradition. 


What is important here is the concept of repairing, the concept of preservation. Now, why is it important to protect something? It is important because we value our emotions.

This concept of repairing is not be limited only to some specific things. Since the historical past, we tend to preserve everything we have. Even the richest of the rich tries to protect the things that he/she possess. 

However, with time, the world is progressing at a fast pace. Naturally, some of us would like to redevelop the things we possess. Suppose, you have a beautiful saree that you have got from your great grandmother. If at all possible, you would try to add something extra to it and make it quite different and trendy. Be it a house that you have inherited from your ancestors, you would try to repair and redevelop the possession.

This redevelopment of an age-old property is required. Why? With the progress of time, the quality of the product deteriorates. Therefore, after a certain period of time, it needs redevelopment for maintaining the quality of the property. Otherwise, the property may even crumble down one day.

After all, you would never want to see that the place where you have spent your childhood days get damaged. This redevelopment is not just the repairing or restructuring of just the building of the house, it is also the revival of the emotions that are related to that old house. 

Now, let us think in a very professional way. The first question to arise in your mind is, “Should I spend money on redeveloping an old structure?” Yes, you can do that. Redevelopment is a process that significantly mitigates the housing shortage problem in India, especially in urban areas.

When you already have a structure at your hand, why not spend a little to repair it and make it new? After all, the money you need to spend in redeveloping a house/building will be quite less than the amount you would have to spend on constructing a new house.

Also, in the process of redevelopment, you can completely demolish the old building and construct a new building. But you can save some amount as you don’t need to buy the land!

Further, There Are Several Other Advantages of Redevelopment

  1. Redevelopment guarantees a superior way of life. Not just it incorporates reproducing the structure, additionally, it includes further developed facilities. Like, the redeveloped project might have spaces like swimming pools, smoke detectors, clubhouse, etc.  
  1. Since almost all redevelopment projects centres around basement parking, the ground space can be utilized as a play region for your youngsters. Additionally, you might get better ventilation, better outside view, etc.
  1. Redevelopment additionally guarantees expanded capital upsides of the property. With present-day conveniences and a further developed state of the property, the price of the property is likely to increase. Thus, you can make a good amount of profit by selling the property too. 
  1. With the redevelopment undertakings to be incorporated under the ambit of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 (RERA), the developer stands responsible to convey projects on the scheduled time and according to the concurred agreements to keep away from any kind of problem.

Now, we need to admit that everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, you might have to bear certain problems with a redeveloped structure. As the house or the building is likely to incorporate several new technologies after the redevelopment, the cost of maintenance is likely to increase.

For example, if I consider you to be a person living in a flat, then the charge that you will have to pay for the maintenance (every month) might increase to a certain extent. Again, if you have redeveloped your house into a smart home, the electricity charge will increase to a large extent. You might also not be satisfied with the size or the structure of the building. There might also be some issues related to the documents of the property.

Thus, while you think to redevelop a structure, try to act smartly.

On a Final Note

The reason behind redeveloping a property can be anything. You might have your intense emotions attached to the house or the building. You might simply want to avail the latest technological advantages. It could be anything! But it is always better to consult with a sincere person related to Real Estates before taking any decisions.

Roodland India has a group of dedicated professionals who will not only guide you in redeveloping your property but also suggest the best that suits your personality. Drop a mail at to get into contact with our experts at the earliest.  


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