Digitizing Lead Generation to Revitalize the Real Estate Industry

Kishan Thakkar K

‘History can bring luck: this is what we can call optimism’

Stephane Hessel

We have witnessed the 2008 housing crisis and the inception of start-ups like WhatsApp, Uber, etc. History has proof to phenomena that major negative global events can result in positive changes. 

Everyone from almost every sector was worried about their survival of the business and how they were going to stay connected with the customer.

Here we have talked about the lead generation strategies for the new-normal, after the digital transformation in the real estate sector in the post-pandemic era.

Let’s first get the basic information of the Lead generation in the real estate sector.

What is Lead Generation?

The process of acquiring and turning potential purchasers into leads who are interested in your business’s product or service is known as lead generation. Finding the proper tools and sites to use, as well as implementing various customer experience techniques, are all challenges when it comes to producing leads in real estate.

Broadly put, the same marketing standards that apply to other sectors apply to the real estate sector as well, and lead generation is a crucial component of the marketing strategy.

It is traditional for real estate brokers to go out into their neighborhoods, knock on doors, and introduce themselves to potential clients. A more alternative approach is to purchase contact lists, pick up the phone, and cold call.

While traditional outbound marketing strategies have their place, digital marketing brings a multitude of ways to generate leads.

Key Pillars of a Real Estate Lead Generation System

Inbound Marketing: It is a method of attracting people through the creation and promotion of related content. It’s a modern way of marketing. 

It includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

Source: Hubspot

Outbound Marketing: It consists of engaging with the customers who might know about your product/service. 

It typically includes direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, etc.

Successful marketing has both inbound and outbound marketing to attract and convert prospects into leads.

Lead Generation Techniques Through Technology

1. Optimize your website

2. Customer feedback: Customer reviews and testimonials are an excellent approach to developing your reputation by allowing your results to speak for themselves.

The following are some of the best external resources:

  • Magicbricks.com
  • 99acres.com

In addition, you can build up a referral program for existing customers to act as a representative in your network of prospects.

3. Using Social Media: Any marketer’s strategy needs to include a social media image today more than ever.

Some of the social media apps that are worthwhile in the real estate sector are,

4. Segmenting the leads: Organizing existing leads according to various parameters will provide insight and act as a reference for lead generation. You can categorize your leads based on several parameters, including:

Demographics, how “hot” or “warm” or “cold” they are, etc.

5. Digital content: In these times, increasing your digital footprint is one of the essential ways to reach your targeted audience. Below are some of the ways to enhance your lead generation.

  • Virtual events
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Chatbots

6. Content creation & SEO: The majority of home buyers begin their search for a home on the internet. Your website must appear in Google searches when buyers are looking for assistance with selling or purchasing real estate.

In the End

Staying informed and discussing with experienced & experts while making a decision is an ideal way of making a great deal. All you have to do is contact RoodLand, which provides the best real estate services. For any queries and suggestions, contact us at info@roodland.com and discuss all of your options with us! 

Roodland is a business solution and advisory organization for the Real Estate sector. It is founded by young professionals with experience in management, marketing, finance, and digital technologies. With their innovative marketing concepts and out-of-the-box methods, RoodLand has successfully delivered amazing results across the region. 

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