Comparing Land Investments with Other Assets

Aastha Soni A

You must be clear that land as an investment option offers good Return on Investment (ROI) at extremely low maintenance cost. 

Let us quickly compare the investment in land versus investment in other assets. 

  • Investments in Equity stocks offer greatest returns but are extremely volatile, risky and require specialized and in-depth knowledge as compared to land as an investment option.  
  • Investment in Fixed deposits though not risky but offers comparatively lower rates of interest, are not liquid because of pre-agreed lock in period therefore becoming a less flexible and lucrative option when compared with land. 
  • Investment in Saving account offers lower return, have a minimum balance requirement, managing fees and withdrawal restrictions on transactions. 
  • Investment in Mutual funds offers fluctuating returns, the value of funds depends on market conditions, levy of professional fees, little control excercised over investments, etc as these funds are managed by fund managers.  
  • Not everything that glitters is gold, but investment in land definitely gives you gold.

Investment in Gold doesn’t have a history of providing consistent returns, the prices are decided by the international markets which often fluctuate and there is no steady income.

Land on the other hand is stable enough to provide better returns and greater wealth generation. 

  1. Gold ETFs are highly illiquid and there have been cases wherein capital gain tax breaks applicable to traditional exchange fund do not apply to gold ETF. Land investments in oppose to this holds no locking. 
  2. Gold Jeweler: making charges, less caret gold is used

Bitcoin comes at a very high risk of “Investment spectrum”.

One of the U.S agency recently stated that people can lose all their money if they invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Why risk the money when you can make some assured money in Land

On a Final Note

Investment is not a straight-jacketed formula. The best option should be considered after analyzing your needs, cash flows, liquidity, individual risk appetite, the risk versus reward, economic growth, finance from NBFC’s and banks, time horizons, investment capital, etc. 

The rest of the market due to Covid might not be bright, but buying a land is always right.   

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