A House You Can Eat, Drink, & Transport

Sakera Patel S

What if you could live in a home that also served as your primary food source? There is a house which you can eat, drink and transport! The Green House of the Future wants to bring the future to now and make it edible in every sense of the word!

The Green House of the Future, designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios, makes up for its humble beginning as a tiny prototype built on top of an eco-friendly foundation with girth and glory to spare! With all of its green capabilities and futuristic advancements, it’s sure to leave even the most jaded critic in awe at its sheer awesomeness! It’s not just any house; it’s an Edible and a transportable House!

A House You Can Eat, Drink, & Transport

Many methods have been used to make houses sustainable, including renewable energy sources and minimal water usage. With a building such as this Edible house, buildings can be made using food instead of traditional building materials.

A New York-based architectural firm called Rios Clementi Hale Studio has designed an environmentally sustainable edible house that is made entirely out of plants, fruits, and vegetables. 

The house consists mostly of sustainable products, such as edible plants and solar panels. Furthermore, It is transportable from one site to another in a short amount of time. The house also has solar panels on its roof which is where energy for both household and car charging comes from.

This project will revolutionize green building projects in houses across the world. It truly embodies a home you can eat, drink, and transport!

The entire house has been designed to be edible, but it’s also totally mobile. The wheels on either end and side panels that can slide out give it movability.

Once you’ve reached your destination, all you need to do is place it over a body of water for hydration. What more could one ask for? This sustainable home is also made from recycled materials and gives people an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature while staying safe. The fact that guests will want to play with it makes it even better!

The Incredible Edible House is a prototype for sustainable architecture that not only has an edible exterior but also produces food for its occupants. The House is powered by solar and wind power to create electricity and collect rainwater. 

This sustainable home can feed itself and has transportable walls. The three-story, 3,000-square-foot Ecocapsule is a tiny off-grid capsule that gives you everything you need to live comfortably for extended periods in remote locations—or even take it with you wherever you go. It’s built to be self-sufficient in energy production and water recycling systems. One container holds an array of solar panels; another keeps rainwater collected from an inflatable roof and channeled into holding tanks inside. A third houses an onboard composting toilet, while a fourth contains a kitchenette with running water. There’s also space for storage and workstations as well as two separate bedrooms. When you need to move, simply lift up one end of your house—it weighs just 1.5 tons—and place it onto wheels attached to its base. You can then drive away or pull it behind you if you prefer walking or biking over driving.

To Summarize

Creating a greenhouse is, for all intents and purposes, creating an edible house. The main focus of its creators was to show us that we could build a future where food and renewable resources would no longer be considered the same.

We could not only eat our daily meals off of our roofs but transport ourselves within edible pods as well. But what if we let the food do more than just nourish us? What if we used it as building materials?

That’s what the RCHS did when they came up with the greenhouse of the future.  They created edible walls that were covered in plants. They created edible roads that led you right into your front door. And they created edible cars so you could drive yourself right into your kitchen!

They want to make sure everyone knows that there is an edible and a transportable house out there somewhere in the world. They want people to know that these houses are possible because we live in a world where anything can happen.

After all, we live in a phenomenal time where technology has made miracles possible every day!


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