Is Your Realtor Really Helping You?

Manjiri Gaikwad M

The most expensive yet wanting goal for each human being in today’s day is to have their own house. A dream house is a dream house either it is small or big doesn’t matter. When you come across fulfilling this dream, what actually you need is a realtor, the one who takes you through your house. You need to know things before you invest in something.

Especially, when the amount or the investment is big as a house. Sometimes, we see most people saying or giving reviews online by saying “I regret taking information or doing a survey before investing the amount in house.” It does happen that realtor makes a good deal for you. But at times he may do good deals for his own self also.

Hence, it is important and necessary to know what actually the realtor does for you. The working of each realtor is different according to his or her organization, his commission or profit may also vary as per the company standards.

In order to check or identify whether your realtor is really helping you or not you need to go through the following scenarios

Is the realtor really available whenever you called him or her?

Before starting into this topic, let us first know that what actually ‘realtor’ means? A realtor is a person involved in both buying and selling a property, often termed as a real estate agent. So, whenever the customer wants to buy a property or sell a property, they need a person who is experienced in market price about the property, the area around it, the lifestyle that is followed in that place, etc.

Hence, the realtor is made available in this condition. Therefore, the first thing we do to invest in a property is to gather information. And for people who are investing for the first time might have fear of losing the money. So customers keep calling and addressing their queries to the realtor.

Whenever the customer is looking for a realtor, it is the responsibility of the realtor to give complete information about the property to them. If your realtor is mostly avoiding you then must check if is really willing to help you or making you fool with a not-so-good deal.

Is the realtor patient?

The next thing you need to notice about the realtor is that you need to notice whether your realtor is patient or not. Whenever a realtor is talking about the deal with the customers, he or she must listen to you carefully and then speak for your deal. Once, the deal has been discussed the realtor should also be patient enough to listen to your point of view also. He or she should not be desperate to push you to buy the property without your concern or interest.

Do the realtor have relevant experience?

Whenever you look for a realtor for buying or selling the property, you need to check initially if the realtor is having relevant experience or not. It’s okay if the realtor is fresher and does not have any experience. He or she should be able to have relevant knowledge or skills to get the best deal.

Once you talk to him or her , he should not miss the communication skills or get nervous or get blank while talking to the owner. His or her prior experience of deals with other people can also assure you about the deal. So, you need to survey those people before actually making the deal with the realtor.

Is there any lack of confidence in the realtor?

While the realtor is talking to the owner about the property, there should not be any lack of confidence. This scenario tells us that there is something wrong either with the realtor or the deal.

Often when customers ask certain questions regarding the property if the realtor is in a way avoiding you or not answering your calls, then you should be aware of what you’re dealing with.

Are you aware of the marketing team is it visible on public platform like Facebook ,  LinkedIn?

Whenever you go to any organization or company for buying a new house, the first thing you come in contact with is the realtor. The Realtor is talking, talking, and talking. This won’t work. Before you invest with the organization, you should see whether the realtor’s marketing team is working for the same. Are there people in his team who are broadcasting strategies to sell the homes? 

Not only the physical availability of the marketing team but also to check whether this marketing advertisement or social media pages are available publicly. And the public is aware of it. If not then, you should be assured that the organization or the realtor is not fooling you.

Have the realtor done enough research?

When we say about research in real estate, the questions arising in this approach are like

What is the current market price of the property? The lifestyle or the atmosphere around the property? Are the facilities available around the property ? What was the previous price of the property? The amount of traffic that you might get to reach the office if you settled in that place.

All such scenarios must be analyzed by the realtor. If he or she is not able to answer such questions or look into this then you need to understand that the realtor is hiding things from you. Maybe he is unaware of the property and very much desperate to sell it.

Are the legal documents of the property visible?

Whenever the realtor is about to sell the property or house then the customer should ask for the legal documents. Because when you invest in any property it should be verified legally. When you invest in any property and if later you come to know that the property is illegal then ultimately you will be at loss. Hence, it is necessary you check all the legal procedures before investing in such property.

Hence, whenever you are looking for a new house or investing in a new property you need to ask these questions to the realtor to check whether he or she is really helping you or not.

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