Investment Opportunities In Residential And Commercial Properties In GIFT City

Kishan Thakkar K

There are a number of developers in GIFT city who are developing residential and commercial properties. In GIFT city, residents and investors have the option of investing in multiple types of properties.

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GIFT City is a planned business district in Gujarat, connecting the business capital (Ahmedabad) and the government capital (Gandhinagar). It is a new financial and technological gateway to India. In addition to offering competitive advantages to financial services and technology sector businesses, it is also the new business destination in the region. 

The present and future development of an area is important to a property buyer, regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial.

There will be two segments to this discussion: commercial and residential. Investments in both segments are likely to yield higher returns. 

Commercial Property in GIFT city

As part of the GIFT city development, many commercial properties are being planned for the future. The development of many commercial properties is still in its infancy. It will take a few years until all the commercial development is fully developed.

The following two projects are fully functional and completed in GIFT city. 

  1. Regalia by Nakshatra Group
  1. World Trade Center – GIFT City
© WTC giftcity

As the first global financial and IT service hub in India, GIFT city is providing global financial and IT services. There are 886 acres of land under development with the latest technology and global best practices in infrastructure. Furthermore, sustainable practices are being used in its development. 

The commercial properties are equipped with world-class infrastructure. Due to the higher occupancy, it will offer high returns and higher rents. 

Among the features of the building are a data center, district cooling, a green building system, a modern IBMS system, and a high-speed internet connection.

Many commercial developments are currently in the initial stage of development as of October 2022. However, being aware of the latest developments in the GIFT city will help you make smart investment decisions. 

In comparison with Ahmedabad’s major areas, GIFT city’s commercial property prices are almost identical. However, property prices have appreciated, which makes GIFT more desirable.

Residential Property in GIFT city

The government of Gujarat has passed a resolution that will allow those who do not work in GIFT City to reside there. A relaxation would, however, only apply to the first 5,000 residential units, or those that begin construction before March 31, 2023, whichever comes first.

An important decision by the Gujarat government has boosted development at GIFT City by allowing those outside the city’s workforce to live there.

Prior to this, the government had relaxed the criteria for developing and owning residential properties in GIFT City.

It is now possible for all people to acquire property and to occupy it due to the relaxation of ownership and occupancy conditions.

By bringing more people to GIFT City, it will make the city more vibrant and provide new employment opportunities.

GIFT City’s proposed vertical development consists of 62 million square feet, of which 14 million square feet will be residential. Residential space will make up 22 percent of the total development.

Residential developments are being developed by reputable developers in GIFT city, including Shlip Group, Shivalik Group, Kaavyaratna Group, etc. Some of the residential projects being built in GIFT city include Kaavyaratna Reva, Sobha Avalon, Smart Life, Sobha Dream Heights, Nila Vida, Janaadhar Mangala, etc.


In view of the holistic development of GIFT city as a walk-to-work city that includes Offices, Residential Apartments, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Clubs, Retail and various Recreational facilities, both commercial and residential developments are expected to offer good returns on investment.

In terms of residential and commercial properties, its strategic location, integrated development, India’s first IFSC, smart and green infrastructure, quality of life, and talent availability make it an excellent investment.

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