A Deciding Factor for Residential Property Investments

Kishan Thakkar K

It might have crossed your mind to invest in residential properties in the past. The process of investing requires extensive research. The value of a property depends on a wide range of factors, each of which has its own implications. A residential property’s value is dependent on a number of factors, and it is important to understand what those factors are.

Our discussion in this blog is going to focus on these factors and their implications for value.

Here Are Four Important Factors You Should Consider

1. Location

Location is one of the important factors for investing in residential property. It significantly affects the value of residential property. Buyers prefer to buy a home in well-maintained and clean area and have civic amenities, hospitals, schools, etc nearby. A good location has an excellent transportation system, offers multiple activities and harmonious social environment. A location ensures the future development of the particular area.

2. Architecture

Architecture of the building is something that cannot be overlooked. The decision of the buyer is mostly influenced by the sight senses. The buyers tend to buy the building that are well designed and spacious. The Vaastu compliant spaces are favourable among the home buyers.

Certain Trends Are Common Among Buyers Like, 

1. The entry of the house must be from north

2. The balcony must be facing to plot, road or scenic view

3. The well-maintained modern amenities must be there

4. Spacious design is more preferable

5. Buyers prefer to buy home in apartment that has no commercial shops

6. The dining area is preferable in home

7. The smaller number of units increases the chances of house getting sold

The language of the overall housing scheme various as per the architect. The buyers also notice the factors like, the number and facing of the units, the location of towers on site, the location of common areas, the design of social amenities, etc.

3. Amenities

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made us realized that it is possible to have recreation activities within closed proximity. 

Many of the home buyers prefer to have the social amenities that are accessible to people. Home buyers are more attracted to modern amenities like clubhouse, children’s playground, swimming pool, AC gym, meditation hall, green landscaping. Well-maintained social amenities improve the chances of house getting sold. The well-designed house with modern amenities will comes with a higher price tag than the same units without adequate a necessary amenity. 

The chances of the getting higher return increases when the unit is equipped with the modern amenities.

4. Connectivity 

Here the connectivity refers to both. The transportation facilities of the area as well as the surrounding infrastructure. 

• Surrounding Infrastructure and Transportation: Infrastructure and transportation is one of the main factors that affects the value of the house. Property that are near to infrastructure like roads, airports, and railway affect the value of the property. This offer better ROI (Returns Of Investment) in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in the residential property that have excellent infrastructure facilities.

• Neighbourhood: Every individual wants to buy a house that have an access to a variety of services such as schools, hospitals, public transportation, and so on to make their everyday lives easier. The properties with such neighbourhood get higher returns.

On a Final Note

Residential real estate could prove to be a high return asset for those who is willing to invest sufficient time to research based on the above-mentioned factors. Being aware of these factors for property investment can help you decide.

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