A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate!

Sujan Afi S

Investment is considered a good option for improving the financial position of our life. The right investment has the potential to improve the overall status of our daily life. There are many options for investment in today’s world.

You can invest in bonds, stocks, gold, government schemes, real estate, etc. Among these various investment options, investing in real estate in India is quite attractive to investors because of its tangible nature and high urbanization rate in India.

Although there are some risks most investors consider real estate investing to be both satisfying and lucrative.


Because the prospective real estate owners, in many cases, have the option of using the advantages of leverage to buy a property by paying only a portion of the total cost of the property, and then they have the option of paying the rest of the balance with interest!

Although there are various advantages in real estate investing it is not an easy way to start an investment in real estate especially if you are a beginner.

But do not worry. Roodland India is there to guide you!

In this article, we will discuss some options where you can easily start your investment in real estate! So, let’s dive in!

The Factors to Be Considered Before Investing in Real Estate

Before investing in real estate you need to consider some factors to turn your investment to be a successful one, such as

  • Keep patience and don’t think that the investment will make you rich within a night.
  • Research all the aspects of the property very well before you invest.
  • Check the legal papers of the property very carefully.
  • Check the running demand and market rates of various real estate properties.
  • Assess your financial conditions and determine your budget for investment.
  • Increase your negotiation ability.
  • Consider various risk factors and seek the help of professionals whenever required.

Simple Ways to Start Your Investment for Real Estate

There are some simple ways by which you can easily start your investment in real estate, such as –

  1. Owning rental real estate properties: It will be a very good option for you to start your real estate investment by owning rental real estate properties. You just need your renovation skills and patience to handle the tenants for being a successful investor in the sector of rental real estate properties. However, you need some capital for maintenance and good communication skills to get tenants. Tenants will ensure your regular income and you will also get profit as the value of the property gets appreciation with time!
  1. REIGs: Real estate investment is now easier with Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs). Real estate investors who want to earn hassle-free rental income by owning rental real estate property can choose REIGs. It is like investing in small mutual funds. Capital cushion and access to financing are very important for you if you are looking for investment in REIGs. In REIGs a company generally allows you to buy a portion of their whole property and also collect and manage your tenants in exchange for getting a percentage of your total monthly rental income from the respective tenants.
  2. House Flipping: House flipping is also a good option in real estate investment for those who have sufficient knowledge and experience in the real estate sector. In house flipping, you need to buy an ignoring property with low value and then renovate it by expending a little money and finally sell it with handsome profit!
  3. REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) make investment in the real estate sector of India very easy. You can now easily divert your investment portfolio by choosing to invest in REITs. By investing in REITs the investors get the opportunity to invest in various income-generating real estate properties. REITs get the opportunity to buy and sell on major exchanges, like various stocks. Hence, it is more hassle-free than traditional real estate investment. You will get regular dividends while investing in REITs. Because of exchange trade characteristics, REITs are considered highly liquid where you do not require the help of a realtor or any other property title transfer group or people. People with little money at hand also choose REITs for investing in real estate.
  1. Online real estate platform: In today’s globalized world the online real estate platform is also recognized as quite popular and dependable for many real estate investors where the investment is done in an online platform. Here people have the opportunity to join in bigger residential as well as commercial real estate deals through online platforms. It increases your geographic dimension of investment too! 

On a Final Note

Like other types of investment real estate investment also has many risks. But by choosing the right way of investment in real estate, you can reduce the risks and ensure a good return on investments.

All you need is to have patience and trust in yourself! That is it, and you will be good to go.

I hope that you have got some options where you can invest now. Still, you can mail us your concerns at info@roodland.com. Our dedicated team will revert with a promising solution at the earliest!


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