Inside a Mall That has a Flowing Canal and a Ceiling That Looks Like The Sky: Villagio Mall

Sakera Patel S

Malls are an iconic symbol of consumerism. There’s something about the Villagio mall that invokes wonder and curiosity.                             


It’s difficult to describe the interior of Villagio mall with just one word; luxurious, glamorous, beautiful, and ornate are all fitting terms, but none of them capture the essence of this amazing mall in Qatar. The mall has a picturesque view and fascinating architecture that will blow your mind. You are just going to think, “This is the best mall in the world”! There’s a mini- Venice in the Villagio mall. The flowing canal right in the middle of the mall provides so much light and life to everything surrounding it. It’s not just any canal either; some beautiful gondolas will take you along on a ride down the canal! There are more amenities inside Villagio than I can list here. 

Where is Villagio mall located in Qatar?

Villagio mall is located in Al Waab street and is connects with every nook of Doha. While the total plot size is 360,000 Sqm, The Villagio mall covers up to 180,000 Sqm and the rest is taken up by the luxury shopping brands, car parking, and 90,000 Sqm of world-class shopping. There are over 200 stores in the mall and none of them disappoint. 

Villagio mall ranks in the ‘best malls in the world’ according to Forbes and here’s why: 

The flowing canal inside Villagio Mall:

The indoor canal is 150m and has red and blue Gondolas. As you enter the Mall, What you see in front of you is the Canal with Gondolas and along the way of the Canal, there are beautiful street lamps. There are also intermittent bridges, which stretch over the canal, and some whimsical seats formed on the passages. All this makes the visitors have a memorable experience. 

The artificial sky:

When I first visited the Villagio mall, the other view that blew me away was the ceiling. The artificial view of the sky confuses you, you are inside the mall, yet you are outside! How cool is that? The Villagio mall has different spaces, which portrays Venice during different times of the day. 

Villagio Mall is more than just a shopping destination:

The Villagio mall is a cultural hub where art meets commerce in Qatar. The real estate of Villagio mall has an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, a Gondolania theme park that floats on a flowing canal around Villaggio’s shoppers; its floating theme park offers attractions for every age group. It’s also home to Qatar’s first 4D Theater where people can watch movies like never before. It uses special effects such as fog, water sprays, and wind along with seat movement to offer audiences an extra sense of realism in their movie-watching experience. The theater also comes with parking facilities to facilitate easy access. To know more, visit

The Ultimate luxury shopping experience in Villagio mall:

The big draw of going to malls is always what’s inside of them. At Villagio mall, it’s not only what you can buy at luxury stores such as Prada or Louis Vuitton—but it’s also what they sell to visitors. Fashion stores are among some of the main amenities inside Villagio mall. The luxury shops at Villagio include brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Salvatore Ferragamo as well as Louis Vuitton. A wide variety of outlets can be found on every floor—including Zara, Mango, and Sephora—and all have ample seating areas so you don’t have to rush through your shopping trip. For those who want to make their clothing purchases or just get advice from a professional designer or tailor, there are dozens of tailors scattered throughout Villagio. 

It’s almost a cliché to write about luxury shopping when describing malls. Just like other luxury stores, you can find a plethora of dining options at Villagio. There is Benihana, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, The cheesecake factory, Eau De Rose, and many more!

There are other facilities also available at the Villagio mall which include Smart Wi-Fi, Car Washing, Prayer rooms, VIP Valet parking, an ATM, a Lost & Found office, Digital information Directories, and Wheelchair Service.


Many malls have amenities inside them, but malls like Villagio mall are on a whole new different level. Here, it’s not just about shopping, it’s about hanging out with friends or family members too. Shopping at Villagio Mall is enjoyable because of how spacious it is despite being packed with all kinds of stores under one roof – ranging from clothes to food and entertainment centers – something for everyone! Its wide walkways mean there’s no crowding or pushing while strolling around so you won’t get tired while visiting Villagio Mall.

Convinced why the Villagio is one of the best malls in the world?


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