Infrastructure at WAPA

Kishan Thakkar K


The first thing that the investors or home buyers see is the infrastructure development of the area. Although the WAPA is at the start of the development phase, we can decide the future development based on the report made by the research. We will try to understand the infrastructure development with the comparison of it with the other cities. 

The basic infrastructure like roads, street lights, gardens, etc is being developed by the AUDA. There are a few of the projects as well that are sprung up from the ground. 

Why is Infrastructure development important?

It is well known that humans require the infrastructure for the facilities like transportation, entertainment, education, residence, etc, in modern times. Infrastructure also plays an important role while investing in real estate.

Infrastructure at  WAPA

In Ahmedabad, the awe you once felt looking at photos of foreign developed countries will soon be a reality in WAPA. In simple language, there will be clean and wide roads, same street lights throughout the area, well-maintained gardens, thoughtfully planned areas, etc.

AUDA has been developing basic facilities like roads, sewerage systems, street lights, sports facilities, etc. The greenfield WAPA city will be developed pollution free and well planned with a utility corridor. The TP 429 for WAPA will be a  free zone so that residential, commercial, hospitality, hospitals, schools, and sports facilities can be developed.

Planning Perspective

Special attention is paid to the planning. It will be developed sector by sector from AUDA and developers, as Gandhinagar was developed. The city will be divided into sectors-A to J. 

The roads with the width of 18, 36 and 45 meters are being developed. The 45 meters road will be numbered as 1 to 9. This 45-meter road has opened till 90 meters road, this 45-meter road will connect with the 90 meters road. There is connectivity with the SOBO Center. On every road, there will be the same themes of paver blocks and tree plantation. Cycling paths and walkways will be developed along the roads.


Greenery and landscaping will be one of the primary focuses of the area. There will be a plantation of 15000 trees. There will be theme-based gardens.

Upcoming Projects

The Canvas by Kavisha Group, Ansh Amantaa, Skydeck Serene, and Turquoise Grandeure are a few of the projects that are coming up in the WAPA area. Many of the projects are in the development phase.


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