Infrastructure and its impact: Six Laning of SG Highway

Sakera Patel S


We all know that roads are the arteries of any city, and the more robust they are, the better equipped they are to accommodate the traffic needs of businesses, offices, and homes. The road connects Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, which are the two biggest cities in Gujarat. This road passes through several towns and cities including Sarkhej, Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Sabarmati Riverfront, etc.

The six-lane expansion project that was started in 2012 has been completed in December 2017. It is expected to ease traffic conditions on this highway considerably and contribute to the Real estate by adding new businesses and homes along the route of this highway over time. Six laning of this highway has significantly improved regional infrastructure and provided developers with more opportunities to invest in real estate developments along the highway or near its connections to other major roads.

Why a Six-lane highway?

A six-lane highway helps to improve connectivity within these rapidly growing areas and fosters more business activity. It will also provide economic benefits in terms of employment, trade, and real estate value. Businesses located near such infrastructure are projected to grow faster than those without it; such a highway statewide could lead to new opportunities across every sector of our economy. A six-lane facility would significantly improve accessibility and connectivity between various areas within Gujarat.

Accessibility is directly proportional to land value since access means connectivity with markets and with labor pools which attract businesses looking for space to set up operations. This results in increased property prices as demand increases while supply remains constant.

And since ownership often leads to home improvement investment by residents, these higher property values lead to an increase in the long-term stability of an area which encourages investors even more.

According to estimates by real estate experts, six laning may create about 20 million square feet of new commercial real estate development along its path toward Ghandinagar alone!

The infrastructure of the Sarkhej- Gandhinagar Highway

The Sarkhej- Gandhinagar highway is an artery road for commercial and public transport, undergoing an aggressive construction boom as it extends from Sarkhej towards Gandhinagar. These include office spaces, shopping malls, multiplexes, and fast-food restaurants. The S.G Highway has been shaping up as a destination for those seeking entertainment and big-name businesses.

Many malls with big-name anchors like Lifestyle, Globus, Croma, and Westside have emerged. Car and motorcycle showrooms with products from all over the world. These malls drive real estate prices up. Quality education systems too have sprung up along its patchwork green belt consisting of dozens of colleges and institutions including some globally ranked ones. The highway encircles various popular locations making them reachable even during peak hour jams which are when realty reaches an inflection point.

The expected greenfield high-speed six-lane road connecting SG highway to NH 8 has opened new frontiers in connectivity, aiding to accelerate the growth of commerce and business at a rapid pace. These developments attract large investments into commercial space along its alignment.

Impact of Sarkhej- Gandhinagar Highway on the Real estate

The six-lane arterial road between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad has many ancillary benefits. Apart from easing traffic movement, it connects all major industrial and commercial hubs in Gujarat, which otherwise would remain cut off from each other. Connectivity improvement helps property prices as a result. For example, in the past, one had to go through a maze of ways if one was heading to Gandhinagar from Vadodara or Ahmedabad by road. A smooth ride to and from these two cities along with other areas has brought more volumes of people towards various markets situated in between them, thereby indirectly helping their demand for residential properties.

The six-lane expressway also connects major industrial areas of Koba, Waghodia, and Halol. Not only will it provide greater ease of transportation for goods, but it has also given a big boost to local businesses. A large number of commercial vehicles travel between Vadodara and Ahmedabad daily. This will have enormous potential for growth in commercial real estate around these areas. A lot more jobs are created, increasing residential demand along with it. Many private offices would prefer such locations because they would not need too much land and would allow them to move around easily.


The massive amount of construction going on now should continue because future development will require even more space. There will always be consumers who want luxury housing in high-end locations, and there’s no better time than right now to invest in beautiful homes outside cities where amenities like hospitals, malls, and restaurants are available within walking distance.


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