Iconic Building and Its Impact: Sabarmati Riverfront

Sakera Patel S

The Sabarmati Riverfront ranks in everyone’s ‘Must visit places in Ahmedabad’. But has it got you thinking, Why is it so famous? Or Is the Sabarmati Riverfront overrated?

Nowadays, if you hear the word iconic, you often think of big buildings like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or the Empire State Building in New York City. It is the first iconic building in the state of Gujarat, India, and is located in the prime real estate location of Ahmedabad.

But what if I told you that Gujarat’s first iconic building isn’t even finished yet? It might seem impossible to believe, but it’s true – and this amazing structure will soon be completed!

How is Sabarmati Riverfront an Iconic Building?

This Iconic Landmark is designed by Bimal Patel and developed by Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited. It stands tall at 50 storeys with a total height of 192 meters (630 ft.). It is surrounded by various attractions such as museums, shopping malls, parks and gardens, an amphitheater, and of course, many more activities that attract people from all over India. 

Features That Make It an Icon

  • The Sabarmati Riverfront has been converted into an asset by reducing the possibilities of further pollution.
  • It is announced as the longest riverfront in the world and is over 10 km long and is a combination of the existing and the reclaimed lands. 
  • If it gets you wondering, ‘How is Sabarmati Riverfront any different from other Riverfronts in the world?’ SRFDCL officials say that, Due to the nature of a rain-fed river, Sabarmati’s banks present a lot of development potential – so officials say it cannot be compared to other riverfronts. Moreover, there are also traditional riverfront activities, like dhobi Ghats and Gujri bazaars. 
  • At the Sabarmati Riverfront, There are 168 formal washing spaces on the well-organized Dhobi Ghat, and a Gujri Bazaar also called the Sunday Flea market. It is the lifeline of hundreds of city residents.
  • There is a Biodiversity park at the Sabarmati Riverfront, which occupies over two hectares of land, where people can admire 7,000 trees of 120 different species that were brought in from across the country. The Riverfront Children Park is the perfect place for children to play at the swings, seesaw, slides, and a musical fountain too! If u are planning for a family gathering, there is another place that can beat the riverfront flower park. 
  • It is also a place to Celebrate Gujarat’s most hyped festival, ‘The kite flying festival’, and a flower show, which displayed more than 750 species of flowers, plants, bonsai, and trees. But because of Covid-19, these activities were canceled.
  •  The Events Ground, at the Sabarmati riverfront, has been designed to provide both local events and international venues. The center provides the infrastructural facilities to hold organized events along the river. The stage features back-stage facilities, a VIP lounge, designated parking, event spaces, a lawn area, and lighting 
  • The lower River promenade provides a space for the people to cycle, walk or jog. And The River promenade also Boating station with boating facilities and a platform for supervised and well-arranged vending activities. 

The Impacts of Sabarmati Riverfront

The impact is most felt by the people who crave open spaces and want to connect with nature. However, the huge impact is felt in the real estate field as it is a real estate zone with unmatched facilities, transportation services, informal markets, and cultural events.

A small portion of the land will be on sale for commercial purposes. At the Sabarmati riverfront, a lease of office space and food outlets is also available.  The Sabarmati riverfront redefined Ahmedabad’s character around the river and it serves as an example of urban planning.

Not only this, SRFCDL intends to welcome developers to create a global model of mixed and commercial development, a destination that promotes entertainment as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

Special urban design rules will be implemented to transform the riverside into a more vibrant and aesthetically beautiful setting. A total of 32 hectares of land along the river’s banks will be used.

Final Word

The Sabarmati riverfront has transformed into a beautiful destination for everyone. Be it young people who want to enjoy some quality time with their friends or families seeking a place to relax or shopaholics who are looking for something new to purchase; you name it, Sabarmati Riverfront has it all!

Sabarmati riverfront is not only an iconic building but also an icon for the Indian real estate industry itself.


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