How to Organize Your Existing Leads in Real Estate?

Kishan Thakkar K

Managing multiple leads is no easy task. You may end up in ‘shiny object syndrome’ and start blaming the quality of the leads.

The process of selling should be consistent and bulletproof. You never know where your next lead might be coming from. Focus on the efficient lead management process. 

The best way to manage your leads is to operate a CRM tool. There are multiple tools available in the market. With the appropriate CRM tool, you can capture and categorize property inquiries. As a team leads you will be able to distribute leads to your agent based on their strength. 

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There Are Two Methods of Generating Leads

  1. Buying the data and cold calls
  2. Generating leads from campaigns

1. Buying the data and cold calls

There are two possibilities in this, either they will be qualified or non-qualified. In other words, they might be interested in your product or service, or not interested.

2. Generating leads from the campaign

These are the leads that are already qualified. Your next action must be to do the warm calls and identify whether the lead looking for the property is cold, warm, or hot.

Below Are Characteristics of Cold Leads, Warm Leads, and Hot Leads

Cold Leads

  • No Response
  • Not contactable
  • Requested call back
  • Requested for brochure

Warm Leads

  • Ready for a site visit
  • Site visit done
  • Ready for a Re-visit

Hot Leads

  • In-Negotiation
  • Interested in Booking

In Summary

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