How to Find Best Mortgage Interest Rates

Manjiri Gaikwad M

A major aspect of buying a house is by applying through a mortgage. When you take so much effort to make your dream house, it’s also essential that you look for a mortgage where the interest rates are suitable and affordable for you.

Finding the best interest rates for a mortgage doesn’t only depend on one factor but it has to cover all the aspects of the bank and the economic details of the customer.

Let’s have a look at the following points that can contribute to the best interest rates

1. Perfect Credit Score

A credit score is a phenomenon that is needed to decide whether a customer is able to repay the loan or not.  It is based on the past repayment history,  number accounts, and credit history.  It is usually between 300 to 850. “ says that the eligible credit score for the mortgage is 760 or above. The higher your credit score the lower your mortgage interest rates. Hence, you need to maintain a proper credit score in order to get the mortgage rates low. 

2. Stable Income

Stable Income is the indication that the customer is having good savings and can afford to invest. Changing jobs frequently does not involve money in savings. Hence, the bank would be in a doubt to give you a home loan. Instability of the job can result in poor credit scores. And poor credit score would give you very high mortgage rates or else result in denial of the loan.  

3. Down Payment

Down payment is the payment that is given at the time of the purchase of the home. It is suggested that the down payment should be high so that the mortgage interest rates will remain low. Also, says that 20 % of the purchased price of the house should be paid for the down payment. Hence, this states that the high rate of down payment reduces the mortgage interest rates.

4. Consider a Long Time Mortgage

Whenever you are up for a home loan, don’t fall prey to the advertisements or strategies that say “Buy a house within a month with the best mortgage rates.”  Buying a house isn’t that simple and easy a process to be finished in a month. Do not fall prey to such things instead go and do a lot of research on the property and deal. So, when you apply for a mortgage you must know it depends on your credit score. After the credit score, the bank decides whether the mortgage interest rate to be high or low. The Federal Housing Authority provides a long term mortgage of 30 years. There are many agencies that give a mortgage for three years also, but then you should take a look at the mortgage interest rates.

5. Comparison of Multiple Lenders

When looking for a house, without searching for the other agency or lender do not get your deal done with the desired one. When you are in the market, there are many things happening, everyday there are changes in society that lead to the increase in the value of the property. It might happen that some realtor may give you an idea about such things loyally. But since it’s a market there might be many people looking for customers like you and very easily make you fool through investing so much money. Hence, look for the things like the realtor’s prior experience, the company’s previous experience, the marketing team, and the knowledge of the realtor, etc. After this process, get a clear vision of what is actually the realtor asking you to do, and in-market what all the other realtors or the other companies have.

6. Location of the Property

If you are looking for a house the first thing you note is the area. You find out where actually your house should be? do you want it to be in the city, in which part of the city? What all facilities should be available there? Are there any sources that can take you to the office, maybe through the train, cabs, buses, etc? All such things are considered before settling down to any area. It specifies a lot about the area. If such facilities are needed then you must look for a ]place in a city that has it. says that such a modern part of cities generally is more expensive than the one with the outskirts of the city. Hence, location plays an important role in the values of the home. Also, this results in ]changes in the mortgage rates like new city places may have a new property and new property may have low mortgage rates.


As we know today, the Internet has everything. So, you can also check certain websites on the internet that can be used in order to know the mortgage rates. So before investing money or getting trapped in some fraud incident, you can go through the following websites.

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