How to Compose Real Estate Advertisements to Sell Property Faster?

Sujan Afi S

Not certain how to compose land advertisements that sell? It’s somewhat of craftsmanship, I will concede. Nevertheless, it is not too hard to compose an advertisement for Real Estate property.

Trust plays a very crucial role in this. All you need to do is to make sure that the customer or property buyer trusts you. They need to believe that yours is a property they need to see and they want to possess. To accomplish this, there are a couple of brilliant ideas.

How to Compose Real Estate Advertisements?

You need to forget that you are simply the dealer or the seller. You have to think from your purchaser’s perspective. Try to question yourself. Who is the individual(s)? A corporate person? A sweet traditional joint family? A designer? If you think like the one for whom you are creating the advertisement, the end product will be quite satisfactory.

Once you gain the trust of your customer, you are sorted. Why? Because he/she will remember your advertisement the next time he/she wants to buy a property; further, the customer will suggest you to other customers also.

Try to be creative and unique. Try to be emotional when needed. Try to be professional if the time asks you to be. Ask yourself, what is it about your property that will intrigue your customer?

Further, forget that you want to sell only a concrete structure or a building. Believe that you are selling a way of life. Let us be very clear that experience makes a person better and professional.

When you deal with a few corporate customers, you will know their likes and dislikes. You will have an idea of what a corporate person wants to possess. Thus, when you compose advertisements in future (your target group is the corporate persons) you will make the thing in such a way that the customer prefers it. He/she will believe that your property speaks of his/her personality!

I don’t believe in following any particular structure. I am the one who tries to be unique. It is the only way you can attract the attention of your customer. If you think even logically, why will someone waste his/her precious time to see your advertisement if that is not something very different from the ones he/she have already seen? So, you need to think beyond! Try to transcend the boundary of the set rules and compose your advertisement!

Trying to be unique doesn’t mean that you should do anything and everything while composing an advertisement to sell your Real Estate property. Try to have a structure of your own. Your structure need not be copied from anyone else. It is completely fine to create a new style. Trust me, there will always be people who will welcome your new style of presenting things!

For instance, the heading of your advertisement can be creative. Instead of saying, “A big 2 BHK flat” you can go a step ahead and say, “A 2 BHK space that suits all your requirements”. The title is the first thing that your customer will notice. It decides whether the advertisement will be viewed by the customer or just ignored. Thus, you can follow the same thing here too.

Once you sit to compose any advertisement, you have the target group or viewer in your mind. Try to frame the title in such a way that the customer likes it. You will find that there are a group of people who prefers straightforward things. Likewise, they will prefer straightforward titles like, “A 3 roomed house with a big dining room, kitchen, and washroom”. Thus, the title is to be framed quite logically.

The next thing to keep in mind is the opening statement. It is also quite vital. Now, you can start it as you want. If you go by the tradition, the opening statement tries to state the location, number of rooms available, etc. However, there is no such hard and fast rule that you have to start your advertisement in such a way only. You can start your advertisement in your way. You can start professionally. You can also choose to be quite personal. Again, try to keep the target group in your mind.

For, example, if you have a property at hand that will suit a family the best, then, you can start your ad in a very casual or emotional statement. For example, you can say, “A house is a place where you tend to find peace and security. It is an area where you can just be yourself. It is a place where you can enjoy your lemon tea while singing your favourite song to yourself.” If you can have the customer attracted, you have a better chance that your property will get sold! After all, it is the emotions and human relations that matters the most!

Further, instead of just stating the list of the features available in the property, you can also be creative and appealing while listing the number of rooms and other features available. For example, try to avoid saying, “There is one big dining room available.” Instead, you can say, “No more extra expense to book tickets for movies! We also provide you with a large hall where you can enjoy your weekends with your family and friends.”

You can also say something appealing towards the end of your advertisement. But, don’t forget to include a sweet yet powerful call for action. Remember that this is the main area from where the customer will contact you and refer you to others. Thus, you need to mingle your creativity with your professional self and write something that compels the customer to trust you and contact you.

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Yeah! This is how you can create an advertisement that will attract customers and help you sell the property. Try to be original. Try to paint the drab information with the hue of your imagination. It is not that only straightforward informative advertisements attract the buyers or customers. All you need to do is to be the customer while composing the advertisement for the target group. That’s the only secret!

Still, if you feel that you need more clarity regarding composing ads or anything else related to Real Estate, you can contact us at We care for you and respect your individuality. Roodland India is available to answer all your queries and provide you with promising solutions.


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