How to Beat Summer Heat Naturally?

Kavya Manoj K

The summer season is a time of vacation, fun, joy, and full of vibrance. But to be frank, the majority hate the scorching summer heat. The weather must be fantastic but to be frank it is a miserable season. Long-term exposure to summer heat can adversely affect your health. So it’s better to remain indoors. In homes, air conditioners are the best remedy to reduce heat. But this can drain your pockets badly. So what can be done to reduce the heat in the home during summers?

Ways to Cool Your Home

There are many natural ways to reduce heat in a home, especially during summer. It can be done by preserving the environment. Natural methods can cut down the electricity bill to an extent. It is budget-friendly. Through some smart and simple tricks, you can easily reduce heat in your house and can cool yourself. Some of the natural heat-reducing ways are given below:


Natural ventilation like opening windows and doors enables the air to pass freely in the home. Cross ventilation can be done in the morning and evening when the temperature is cool. The best time to allow cross ventilation is from morning 5 am to 8 am and 8 pm to 9 pm.

This will enable the fresh cool air to get inside and the trapped hot air can escape outside. This can reduce the heat in a home. Whole house ventilators can replace the air conditioners. It can force out the warm indoor air outside. It pushes the fresh air inside.

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Blinds can reduce heat to 50%. It can enhance the beauty of your interior. It can be installed easily by clipping into the windows frames. During the daytime, open windows can absorb heat from outside. This absorbed heat can make the interiors extremely hot.

Installing a blind can prevent heat from outside.  The blind should be closed in a warm atmosphere. Light-colored curtains can be used to prevent sunlight.

Best Fabric for the Summer Heat – Leather

Furniture is essential for a house. They add to the beauty of interiors. During summers you have to opt for leather couches. Leather is the best fabric that can reduce heat. It can give a comfortable sensation unless it is directly exposed to sunlight.

A microfiber couch or chair is also an alternative. It can reduce the heat in a room and keep yourself cool. Natural fabric is best for minimizing heat. Avoid using materials like silk, polyester, or satin which are more likely to absorb heat. 

Use Light Colors

Have you ever wondered about the wall paint? Colors have different properties. Dark colors like red or black can attract heat while light colors like white or yellow can repel heat. Dark-colored walls can absorb more heat, it will radiate absorbed heat to the surface. This can increase the heat inside your home. The light-colored surface won’t absorb the heat from the sun and it will make the surface cooler. Therefore to reduce the heat you have to paint your home with light colors. Pastel colors too can be preferred.

Switch to LEDs

A single light source can affect your comfort during summer. Regular lights are not energy efficient. The heat emitted by those lights can warm your house. 95% of energy comes as heat from those lights. It is better to switch to energy-efficient lights like an LED bulb. They are less expensive and help to reduce the heat by less emission. They have a longer life and consume less energy. 

Turn off the lights when not in use. The majority of electronic devices emit heat even when they are not in use. You can unplug those to reduce the heat.

Greenery is life

Trees, shrubs, and bushes can act as natural coolers. It can act as sunscreen.  They can be planted to shade your home. The Outdoors can be shaded with deciduous trees. They can radiate heat and will allow light to pass through. Shrubs can block the sunlight to the surface.

You can also place indoor plants which will act as heat reducers. They can be placed in a corner. It will absorb the toxins and will provide an aesthetic look to your room. Plants can be placed on the east and west sides to prevent sunlight.

Make the roof white

Paint your roofs or terrace with white paint. It will reflect the heat. It can reduce the heat in a home. A coating of white lime can be applied on the flat terrace to reduce the heat. It can cool the interiors in summer. Insulating your attic can reduce heat.

They help to keep your home cooler. A small garden can be set up on the rooftops. It can reduce the heat inside. Soil can act as a natural insulator.

Ceiling fans

It is very common in houses. It is cheaper and easy to install. There are different types of ceiling fans. It can pull out the warm air and reduce the heat in a room. During the summer season, you couldn’t find a house without ceiling fans. Its popularity is increasing. It can be used instead of air coolers which emit a large amount of heat.

All these can be done with the help of others to reduce the heat in your home. One of the most important things which you can do to reduce summer heat is to follow a proper diet. You should have more fruits and vegetables in your diet. It helps you to remain hydrated and cool. Avoid other beverages and follow homemade ones.

In Summary

So if you are planning to build a house or to buy a house you can be concerned about some more measures. Place your house’s largest dimension towards north and south to reduce heat in summer. Windows should be oriented facing towards the south for proper airflow and cooling. A light color coating can be done on roofs to prevent the entry of heat. Use thermal resistant material for construction. It can absorb heat and reduce heat.

As per the report, since 2010, heat waves have killed more than 6500 people in India. So it is better to remain indoors during extreme temperatures. Don’t worry about the expense of cooling, stay comfortable by using these natural methods. It can save you money and help you to protect the environment.

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