How Spacious Homes Increase Quality of Living

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Many people dream of living in a big house, but spacious homes are more than just a luxury. It contributes greatly to our mental and physical growth and well-being. It can offer us so much comfort and peace of mind.

Each individual’s private space plays a critical role in how healthy their relationship with the other family members is, as everyone wants to have privacy and space for themselves for their own mental and physical development. People are becoming more conscious of this and have begun to prefer bigger houses.

In this article, we will look at the benefits that a spacious home can provide to the persons living in it.

Benefits of Having a Spacious Home

  1. Personal Space

In an age where most of us live under the pressure of our jobs or studies, all we want to do at the end of the day is spend time in our own private spaces in comfort and go about our routine uninterruptedly.

Space and privacy are unavoidable factors for a healthy and productive lifestyle for an individual. Moreover, wide windows and spaces radiate positive energy. 

  1. Separate Bedrooms for Children

It is important that children are given their own bedrooms, if possible. Note that this does not mean completely avoiding physical proximity with your child. Always make sure that they are happy and comfortable, and do what you feel is right for your child at the moment, as each child is different.

Studies have shown that toddlers should slowly be encouraged to sleep independently. This gives them the opportunity to decorate their space according to their liking, helping them explore their creativity and style. Children would learn to be responsible, self-reliant and orderly from a young age when they are given space to be managed themselves.

Growing children also require more sleep than adults and having their own bed would help them sleep without being disrupted. As they get older, they would also prefer privacy to study, experiment with their hobbies and spend time with friends when they come over. 

  1. Space for Activities

Different areas can be allocated and designed accordingly for specific purposes with the availability of space, such as reading, lounging, working, etc. In this way, each activity could be done in the most effective and enjoyable manner.

  1. Private Workspace

Having our own space to do our job can help greatly in balancing work life and personal life. We would be able to keep everything you need in close proximity, saving us time and energy. It also boosts productivity because there is less distraction and interference. For any person that works from home, which is not uncommon anymore after the Covid-19 pandemic, this is almost a necessity.

  1. Children-Friendly Spaces
Photo by Paige Cody © Unsplash

For a child to develop in a healthy manner, they should be able to experiment and grow with enough space for their activities, while incorporating safety. Having the space to create a child-friendly environment would help the children as well as the adults because it would not interrupt our daily activities.

  1. Space for Exercise, Yoga etc.
Photo by Maryjoy Caballero © Unsplash

Gym memberships can become a tedious commitment. Having the space to store workout equipment can save you the trouble of going to the gym. Spacious areas are also beneficial for yoga and meditation. Your physical and mental health can be well-cared for in a clutter-free space.

  1. Maximum Utilization of Spaces

Availability of ample space means minimum clutter in its utilisation. A well-used space is visually pleasing and easier to maintain. 

  1. Modern Amenities

Large spaces give you the option to add more amenities other than the very basic ones, to enhance your living standards. These include stronger security systems, landscaped open areas, lifts, recreational areas etc. 

  1. Ideal Ventilation

Many modern living spaces lack adequate ventilation. Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which is required for a healthy body. Fresh air and bright rooms enhance our quality of living.

  1. Strengthen Family Bonding

Our busy personal lives often stand in the way of connecting with our loved ones as much as we should. Setting aside spaces where the family can get together to spend quality time together helps to maintain and express love, talk and provide emotional support to each other.

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In Summary

Living in a small space can have an impact on our relationships, psychological state, and physical health. A large home can contribute to a tranquil and healthy way of living. It has numerous benefits for those who are concerned about their health. It provides space for kids to play, experiment, and learn while also providing adults with a serene space to do their activities.

A large home encourages health benefits and helps in building closer ties among the family. People who want to live a healthy and happy life prefer larger houses!


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