How Has the Pandemic Caused a Shift From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing?

Kishan Thakkar K

The pandemic has forced the customers as well developers to change their preferences, including marketing, lead generation, home buying, negotiation, transactions, etc.

The companies that are stuck to traditional marketing have suffered a lot. They were using the old traditional method for sales & marketing to entice new customers, which isn’t appropriate for the millennials.

Historically, traditional marketing methods such as TV, prints, and hoardings were used by real estate businesses. With the rise of technology in real estate, it became more of a challenge. Although traditional marketing will not be out of sight anytime soon, digital marketing techniques should be explored.

One of the biggest hurdles with traditional marketing is that millennials are not liking it. They are a technology-savvy generation and prefer to use the digital space and hoarding & newspapers are a bit off-putting for them.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is effective, cost-efficient, and able to provide developers with tailored marketing messages for specific target groups; a feature that is difficult with traditional marketing.

The following are few of the challenges of traditional marketing

  • Time-consuming
  • The ratio of un-qualified leads
  • Expensive
  • Permanent & immovable

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