Fastest Buildings Ever Built

Sakera Patel S


Fast food has a new meaning in the construction industry thanks to these amazing buildings that were constructed in record time! Each of these record-breaking buildings was built at least twice as fast as normal, and most were finished in under half the time you’d expect from an average building of similar size and complexity.

Read on to learn about some of the world’s fastest constructed buildings and how they managed to get done so quickly!

1. Shelby County

The construction of a new courthouse in Alabama took nine months, which is pretty fast. The Shelby County Courthouse (in Columbiana) was built by a reputable construction company that won a design competition and avoided red tape to get started—but it had to adhere to many different codes and regulations. On top of that, extra care had to be taken not to disturb nearby residents; neighbors were compensated with free cable if they lost access during construction, while windows were covered and air conditioners turned off when necessary. Even so, over 50% of workers on site were electricians since there was such an emphasis on wiring. 

2. Heijmans One, 1-day House, Dutch 

Heijmans One © Dornob

Dutch company Heijmans attempted to use a very original method to solve two major problems. First, by targeting youth, many of whom cannot afford to buy houses and instead take part in renting; and second, by responding to the decrepit urban environments that appear after major development projects are complete.  In collaboration with DUS architects, they created a concept for building a house within 24 hours. This was possible by pre-manufacturing every single piece of wood that would be used for construction beforehand so that when work began on-site, it could be done quickly and efficiently. The process is similar to Ikea’s flatpack furniture assembly method but on an enormous scale: all pieces are pre-cut and numbered so they can be slotted together without any time wasted on measuring or cutting. Assembling these elements is done by hand using only simple tools such as hammers and screwdrivers; no power tools are used at any point during construction.

3. Instacon, Mohali

Instacon, Mohali © 21st Century Tech Blogs

A group of over 200 people from Mohali, India, built a 10-story building in under 48 hours. With that feat, they have now created the country’s fastest completed building. The project was funded by an industrialist who wanted to build new office space for his company. The team used pre-fabricated concrete slabs and steel columns to speed up construction time and cost considerably less than traditional methods would have required. It is estimated that construction costs were reduced by 20% due to prefabrication and assembly line techniques used during construction. The entire project was overseen by engineers from China who are well known for their ability to construct buildings quickly. The building was designed with earthquake safety features and has achieved LEED Platinum Certification from US Green Building Council (USGBC). 

4. T30 Hotel Tower and Ark Hotel

T30 Hotel Tower © 2022 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

While these two buildings may not be as tall as other buildings on our list, they are fast. The Arkin hotel was constructed in 15 days, with no machines used for assembly. Most of its pieces came from recycled materials and all of it was transported to its site via horse. The T30 hotel tower wasn’t just a building—it actually broke records at Formula 1 speed when it opened at a whopping three stories per day! It too was built from recycled materials and nearly everything used for construction came from within a 100-mile radius of where it would eventually stand.

5. J57 Mini Sky City

J57 Mini Sky City © 2022 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

They erected the 57-story Mini Sky City in just 19 days.  This incredible feat was achieved by a team of more than 1,500 workers and volunteers from around China. The building is now complete with offices, apartments, and a shopping mall. This rapid construction was made possible thanks to 3D printing technology which allowed them to prefabricate 95% of its components offsite before quickly assembling them on site. It’s an incredible way to build homes that are both affordable and sustainable while saving time and money!


It’s amazing to see how fast buildings can be constructed when you consider that many of these buildings take months or years to build, you’ll be shocked at just how quick they are. But, with new building methods and technology available today, constructing new buildings has never been easier and faster. Building in days is hard to believe, but it does happens around us and once you’ve read about these fascinating stories of super-fast construction, you won’t look at a skyscraper in quite the same way again!  


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