Home Buying Process Has Been Made Easier by Digital Evolution

Kishan Thakkar K

Traditionally, the experience of buying a home comprises of contacting the dealers or brokers, manually visiting the site, negotiating, offline paperwork process and various other processes, and final possession of the home! Thanks to the technology and digitalization, the large database of the projects and users, the home-buying experience have become easier. 

“Technological advancement, modernization, the continued influx of Millennials, ongoing pandemic, have altered the landscape in which real estate agents, buyers, sellers’ functions.”

Kishan Thakkar, Author

Marketing practice is heavily influenced by the digital revolution. We are now witnessing a seismic shift in the real estate market, and companies must adapt to consumer needs that have evolved. The majority of home buyers start their home buying journey from the internet. 

The real estate sector has been slowly adopting the technology from the past few years, Covid-19 pandemic and economic slowdown have become an aiding factor for the rapid growth in technological adaption in this sector.

Due to the virtual floor plans, AR-VR technologies, virtual home tours, it has become easier to buy one of the largest purchases of his life without visiting a site!!

“The coronavirus pandemic has made people realize that home is the safest investment option. Post-Covid, we are hopeful that people will be investing in homes,”

Jaxay Shah, national chairman of The Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI).

Here are top applications for finding the homes using technology, click here, finding a home for sale using technology

“Preference of the new age home buyer has changed owing to the crisis and we must adapt to new technologies that will ease the entire home buying process for this new age home buyer,”

Rajeev Talwar, CEO of DLF

Real estate companies have been quick with the adaption of the technology. Real estate advisory PropTiger launched the virtual platform ‘PropTiger Direct’ where buyers can experience digital home buying. Builders are exploring ways revolutionizing the home buying experience and utilization of the latest technology to encourage both investors and buyers. 

Here’s the breakdown of the future of digital home sales

1.     Virtual Home Tours

Virtual home tours have become an indispensable part of home buying since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since most people buy homes they found online, unification of the virtual tours has become mandatory. Technology provides the builders with an accessible way to provide experiences. Some builders also provide virtual agent virtual home tours for potential buyers. VR also provides unique features such as, altering the light, adjusting the time of the day, to provide a viewing experience that is possible in digital space only. This is also helping the buyers to choose from a variety of options and eventually helps in taking the right decisions. 

While the home buying has become easy, you can’t overlook this 5 things when buying a home for the first time.

2.     Online Payment Options

Virtual home tours and interaction are an aiding factor in the decision of the home. Builders have adopted and provided this convenience to home buyers. Although, finance is the most critical element in purchasing a home for builders. However, technology allows for the financing process to be more automated. 

3.     Closing Sales Online

One of the most challenging tasks is to close the sale. Traditionally, the documents that require a notary, need to be done offline. Due to the digital shift during the pandemic, many of the states from India, have legalized online notarization. During the pandemic, the process for the mortgage is also completely transformed online.

You now have the information at your fingertips. You can simply do a quick search in your desired location, budget, and other parameters. The agents used to have all the information in the past times. With the availability of the information. With the availability of information in digital space, it is apparent that home buyers can save an ample amount of time.

In Summary

The future of buying homes is revolutionary and digital. The digital revolution in home buying is going to transform the real estate industry. Physical site visits and the adoption of digital for home buying are still in existence.

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