An Overview of Construction Process

Kishan Thakkar K

With the reduced risk of the pandemic and relaxation in the lockdown rules, it is possible to visit the sites for the decision the purchasing a property. Whenever you visit the site, it might look something like this,

Under construction Project ©PropTiger 

Or this, 

Foundation of the project © Engineering Intro

It is important to know the stages of the construction while visiting the site to schedule your meeting as per the particular inspection of the particular stage.

In this blog, we will discuss the construction process from the starting of the construction to the handing over the keys to the owner.

  1. Site preparation
  2. Floor Slab
  3. Framing – Walls & Roof
  4. Roofing
  5. External Finishes
  6. Installation of doors and windows
  7. Installation of Electrical cables and pipes
  8. Internal Finishes
  9. Carpentry work
  10. Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment
  11. Inspection
  12. Handover

Now as you have the rough overall of the process of the house construction. You must keep in mind that the construction process might vary as per the construction techniques and the material selection.

You can have the look at one of the videos for the more clarity on the topic of the construction process.


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