Covid 19 Creates Opportunity for Developers in Payment Options

Kishan Thakkar K

It is no secret that real estate is one of the key drivers of India’s economic growth. In terms of the contribution of real estate to the economy, this sector contributes significantly.

With the first lockdown announced in the year 2020, the real estate sector came to a halt. The sector has maintained its momentum despite the ups and downs due to regulations and the policy changes like RERA, PMAY and NBFC liquidity crisis.

Fortunately, the market has bounced back from mid-2021, especially with the revival measures like government initiatives to reduce housing loans interest and developers providing offers and incentives. The developers offer discounts to sell their inventories during this COVID-19 period.

As we are beginning to see the recovery in the Indian real estate sector, there is an interesting shift in payment options within every sector. The adoption of payment options especially from 2020 could be the force that brings tremendous potential for the real estate sector. 

Here are the top trends influencing the real estate sector in India, according to experts at RoodLand.

Let’s discuss various payment options

1. Digital Adoption

The pandemic has surely forced everyone to use digital payment. The emerging technologies have made the home buying experience better for buyers. Home video reviews, Virtual house tours, and digital real estate expos, etc have made the home buying experience easy. Various developers across India are adopting this digital mode.

Digital payment trend in India

2. Flexible Payment Options

New opportunity and the shift in thought-process from buyers’ side, the developers are offering discount and other attractive payment flexibility. This, along with government initiatives like lower interest rates come together as an ideal combination for home buyers.

3. Real Estate as an Investment

The risk factor in the real estate sector is low compared to other investment options. It is considered the most preferred investment option. With the current market offering low prices, more offers, and an inclination for digital payment, there has been an increase in demand.

Some of the Offers by Developers in India

Godrej Properties, one of the leading Real Estate Developers in India, presents the 10:90 Plan, applicable on premium properties in the best locations.

As per this plan, all you have to do is pay 10% of the total amount of the property without having to worry about the remaining 90% amount until possessions in its ongoing projects. This scheme helped the company to collect Rs 1500 crore of sales bookings despite the pandemic.

One of the leading developers in Bangalore, Embassy Group is also offering a 10:90 scheme, along with the assured rent in some of its projects.

Few developers across India are also offering the scheme with modifications, like 

  • pay 10 percent now and nothing for two years,
  • pay only down payment and move in, 
  • EMI will start after 12 months from the date of booking,
  • pay 10 percent now and 90 percent at possession,
  • 15-20 percent discount on the festive season,
  • book now and get free parking space,
  • Rs 10-15 lakhs cash discount,
  • Free registration and modular kitchen,
  • Committing an assured rent of 25,000 per month,

Gaurs Group from Ghaziabad, offering relaxed payment plans in commercial projects along with free assured gifts such as laptop, washing machine, refrigerator, etc in some projects. There are numerous developers across India, who are offering flexible payment options and schemes.

“The pandemic and multiple lockdowns has hit the real estate sector and economic condition of the city. However, developers have been smart and adaptive enough to create opportunities during the pandemic situation and kept the momentum rolling.”

Kishan Thakkar, Author

On a Final Note

The schemes from government & builders, have been introduced to create an interest in home buyers. If you are planning to buy a house or make an investment, then this is the ideal time. You can contact us at and discuss your dream with us!

Staying informed and discussing with experienced & experts while making a decision is an ideal way of making a great deal. All you have to do is contact Roodland, which provides the best real estate services.

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