What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Developers?

Kishan Thakkar K

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’

Charles Darwin

The Covid 19 pandemic has made an abnormal crisis for the real estate sector. The adoption of technology-driven technology business model has allowed increasing sales and compensating the losses incurred. 

In every sector, including real estate, social media has changed the way people purchase. 

The pandemic has put a mindset on people to use e-service for everything!

From the starting of the lockdown, construction came to a halt for a certain amount of period and left real estate players and buyers in the spell of confusion and uncertainty. As staying home became essential to stay healthy, visiting the sites was no more an option which resulted in the dip in sales.

Shift to Digital

Historically, developers have relied on traditional media. Full-page newspaper adverts, hoardings, etc are the primary tools for real estate marketers before few years. Even today it is estimated that 30% of portion for the advertisement are spent for online modes.

The lockdown times have compelled everyone to sit at the home, and there is nothing to do but stick to the screen, for most of the people. As per the research, the usage of various social media apps has increased drastically. 

The corona issues are getting resolved or getting milder, but the pros of digital marketing are something that one cannot ignore!

Before the pandemic, developers believed that AR and VR would never be implemented in the real estate sector as that required a large amount of money. Lockdown has positively impacted real estate marketing. Virtual site visits, digitalization, and video walk-through have become part of daily conversation. Real estate companies are using this to attract more potential buyers. In response, buyers, who are still hesitating to venture out, are actively participating in the process. 

How is It Beneficial to Developers and Real Estate Companies?

Developers are now using social media to announce project launches and use video conferencing tools such as Google Meets and Zoom to hold meetings. Text-based communication is frequently sent to a wide audience, who are subsequently digitally engaged via the website or social media handles. Many websites also include an inventive ‘Chat bot’ that interacts as if it were a human sales representative.

Developers utilize virtual tours, video walk-through, drone shoots of their projects since site visits were not possible during the lockdown period. Along with the aforementioned tools developers use search engine optimization on both Google and YouTube search engine websites.

Digital tools become a pillar of the marketing team of the real estate sector. Due to their extremely low barrier to entry (compared to outdoor advertising) and the sophisticated targeting and analytics that they offer, digital tools have witnessed a strong and ongoing shift towards their use.

Despite this shift, marketing alone does not always generate sales. Distribution, innovation, and strategy should be integrated as well to maximize sales.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Get Growth

Here are three essential marketing strategies that help in reaching the right audience and growth in sales.

1. Focus on Video Content

In this day and age, videos are fast gaining popularity as a marketing tool for businesses of all sectors. Video marketing is more engaging, convenient, and attention-grabbing than traditional marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing

New ways of generating real estate leads have emerged thanks to social media. Through social proof, social media apps can deliver a better visual experience and a higher probability of establishing a customer’s trust.

Developers can analyze data and curate content for a targeted group.

3. Usage of PropTech

There has been an incredible amount of investment in PropTech in recent years. Many of these apps can help with the creation of 3D tours, whilst others can assist in digital transactions and document storage to reduce contact between parties.

In Summary

The first step in making a business on the internet is establishing a digital footprint that allows customers to recognize, like, and trust them.

Staying informed and discussing with experienced & experts while making a decision is an ideal way of making a great deal. All you have to do is contact Roodland, which provides the best real estate services. For any queries and suggestions, contact us at info@roodland.com and discuss all of your options with us! 

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