Central Vista Project: The Central Vista Redevelopment Plan

Kishan Thakkar K

In the wake of the lockdown period, you might have heard of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project. When it was first introduced, it sparked many controversies. 

That is clearly outside the scope of this blog. In this blog, we will discuss the details of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project. Also, a brief description of the implications for the real estate industry.

Why is It Important?

There is no doubt that the Central Vista Redevelopment is one of the most ambitious projects that has been undertaken by the Government of India in the recent past. This complex has commissioned three sustainable government offices with state-of-the-art infrastructure worth 20,000 crores. 

As the Union Government has grown, its functions and operational needs have expanded as well. In light of this, several concerns have arisen regarding the lack of proper infrastructure.

The new Parliament Building was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on December 10, 2020. This marks the start of a new era for India as it strives for self-reliance.

Revamping the Central Vista: Why Is It Necessary?

The Central Vista complex has been in need of redevelopment for several years after being built in the 1990s. It houses 22 ministries and 4000 employees in its current layout.

There are 29 other ministries and the Prime Minister’s Enclave located throughout the city. Whenever Parliament meets, traffic disruptions occur in the city. The Indian Government spends approximately 1000-2000 crores every year on rent due to this inadequacy. 

There are also structural safety concerns associated with the century-old buildings inside the complex, in addition to the constantly degrading amenities. Hence, new secretariats and parliamentary enclaves inside the complex are necessary to provide advanced services and amenities.

What Will the Central Vista Look Like?

Ar Bimal Patel, the founder of Ahmedabad-based HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt Ltd, won the project’s design contract in October 2019. In addition, Tata Projects Ltd secured the construction contract in September 2020. 2024 could be the completion date for the entire project.

Several of the Central Vista’s primary structures are being revamped, rebuilt or repurposed. Delhi will also adhere to and maintain Lutyens’ ‘Ridge to River Model’ principles.

The New Parliament Building

Triangular Parliament building inspired by traditional Trimurthis, or Trinity, will be completed by 2022 to mark 75 years of Indian independence. The design celebrates the diversity of the country via fenestrations, overhangs, and golden spires.

Additionally, the project will involve indigenous artisans and sculptors. An area of 68,458 square feet will be devoted to the construction of the new parliament building adjacent to the existing one. 

In this way, the two buildings will serve the additional needs of the parliament by working together. 

It will house 888 Lok Sabha seats, 384 Rajya Sabha seats, and 1224 seats for joint sessions. Furthermore, it would house additional amenities such as the grand constitutional hall, a MPs’ lounge, libraries, committee rooms, and a dining room.

A Ray of Hope

During the last 75 years or so that India has been free, Indian leaders have always been working hard to make their dream of rapid, all-round development become a reality. This has resulted in constant evolution where change is inevitable. Hence, it becomes extremely important for the nation to embrace this process of transformation as it will lead the nation to the path of prosperity in the future.


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