Carpet Area, Built-up Area, and Super Built-up Area: Everything You Need to Know

Sujan Afi S

No matter how much we love to interact with each other, no matter how much we love to travel with our cousins, there comes a point of time when our inner selves want a private space, a ‘me time’. We desperately search for a small little space where we can settle down, where we can burst out to relieve ourselves of the frustration, or maybe we want a cozy little area just to visit some foreign unknown world through our day-dream or fancy. Here comes the importance of an apartment of one’s own! 

Virginia Woolf has rightly stated that women need a room of one’s own to think, to express her emotion. But this need is no longer limited to only females. Each one of us needs a private space.

You too want a flat so that you can have security and privacy, two most important things every postmodern human being wants but lacks! However, if you are a person who is totally new to Real Estate then you are right in this article where you will get to know about carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area. All these concepts will help you negotiate well while you go for buying a house or a flat. Let’s start with Carpet area.  

Carpet region is the region that of the house or apartment excluding the thickness of internal dividers/walls. Carpet area obviously excludes the space that is covered by normal regions like the entryway, lift, steps, play region, and so forth. While asking the builders and developers to sell houses or apartments in India strictly basing on carpet area, the RERA characterizes the floor covering region as the only usable floor area of a house or an apartment; it obviously excludes the portion covered by the dividers, balcony or verandah area, terrace area; nevertheless, it considers the area covered by the internal partitions.

Thus, the government of India has benefited its citizens and has minimised the level of exploitation. However, when you are looking for a house, you can check out the floor covering region and afterwards settle on your choice, since that is the thing that will give you a thought of the genuine space available to you. If focus is given on the floor covering region, it will definitely assist you in understanding the usable region in the kitchen, room, lounge, and so on. Now-a-days, numerous developers don’t specify cover region from the get go, and typically charge based on built-up region or super built-up region. Floor covering region is roughly around 70% of the built-up area of the concerned apartment.

Now, for further clarification, let us have a look at the given image which tries to show the carpet area in green:

After having an overall idea about the carpet area, now, let’s have some basic understanding of the concept of Built-up area. The built-up region or the plinth region is the gross space of the property. It is the complete size of the house, including the rug region (carpet area), the thickness of the wall, hall room, porch, conduits, and utility region.

Essentially, the developed region is 10-15 % more than the carpet space of the house. Nevertheless, it might vary greatly starting from one undertaking to the other. Few are of the opinion that almost 30% of the house/flat/apartment is utilised for making walls or the like. Hence, if the builder informs the built-up area to be 1500sq. ft., then the usable area can be 1050 sq. ft.

Now, you might think that the builder might produce anything to you as a built-up area. But the case is not so. We have a definite formula to calculate the built-up area. It goes like this: 

Carpet/rug area + Balcony area + Wall/divider area = Built up area.

The blue portion in the above image is the carpet area.

Let us take another example for further clarification. Suppose, you have bought a house. You are told that 750sq ft of the area is the carpet area. The walls and other regions make 250 sq. ft. Thus, the built-up area will be (750 + 250) sq. ft. = 1000 sq. ft.

Super built-up area can be explained as the built-up area and the common space that includes the stairs, lobbies, lift, common room or discussion room, garden or playground, parking area, etc. Vijay Verma, CEO, Sunworld Group defines Super built-up areas as following:

“Super built-up area is the big number, which developers prefer to market their projects with. It is the number they arrive at, by adding common areas with built-up areas. Super built-up area is also known as the saleable area, because it becomes a yardstick for developers to quote their buyers” -Mishra Carpet area, built-up area, super built-up area meaning, calculation, differences

It can typically be up to 10-40% more than the carpet area of the concerned house/apartment. These are the portions which can be used by everyone having right on the property. The builder or developer includes the charge of super built-up region too while calculating the price of the entire property. 

Thus, in the above article I have tried to present the concept of carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area briefly. I hope it benefits you. To get clarity of any further query, feel free to drop a mail at

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