Can GIFT City Be Considered a Sustainable Project?

Kishan Thakkar K

The concept of sustainability has become subjective, because every city or project harms the environment more or less, so nothing can be considered sustainable!

On the whole, sustainable projects harm the environment less and allow for a comfortable lifestyle while protecting the environment.

As the first global financial and IT service hub in India, GIFT city is providing global financial and IT services. There are 886 acres of land under development with the latest technology and global best practices in infrastructure. Furthermore, sustainable practices are being used in its development. 

Urban Planning at GIFT City adheres to the highest standards of energy and environmental efficiency and follows green-building principles.

An important feature of this Central Business District (CBD) is its development on “Smart and Sustainable Development” principles, thus being a catalyst for the region’s overall development. 

In creating GIFT Master Plan, a sophisticated planning approach was used to integrate the intended program with the site and the surrounding region. With GIFT, India will have a contemporary model development that embodies sustainability and ecology. A Vibrant Hub of India, GIFT is envisioned as an Eco-City demonstrating business-oriented, environmentally-conscious growth.

To ensure the sustainable development of this city, GIFT has integrated various intelligent and green measures. We’ll see how different measures have been implemented.

Land use

In view of the limited availability of land, it had been designed for high density development. The GIFT area has been developed using a Global Floor Space Index of 3.65 to achieve the desired density.

Water Supply

Water management has been adopted in the city through a reduction of 35% in potable water and the treatment and reuse of 100% of wastewater. The concept of Zero Discharge City has also been applied.

Solid Waste Management

In recognition of the importance of solid waste management in the country, GIFT City has installed an automated waste collection and segregation plant.

District Cooling System

By installing District Cooling Systems in GIFT City, it will be possible to reduce the operational costs by 30-40% and avoid the cost of installing coolers in every building. 

Utility Tunnel

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As for vast infrastructure systems, GIFT has developed the vision of a “DIGGING FREE CITY”. This is the method of storing all utilities into a tunnel across the city so that there is no need to excavate streets to repair, maintain, renovate and upgrade any utilities in the future.


One of India’s only smart cities and International Financial Services Centres (IFSC), GIFT City has also been certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) as “Green Master Planning & Design and Implementation of GIFT City’s Phase I Development”. 

On a Final Note

The GIFT system incorporates a sophisticated planning approach to ensure integration with the environment as well as a green building approach, optimum energy and water usage, and sustainable construction materials. It is hoped that this project will help regenerate a high-quality mixed-use district that combines a mix of commercial, residential and open space facilities to maximise the value of the land and properties in the area.

We have seen in this article that GIFT has utilised and implemented a variety of methods and technologies for the sustainable development of the project as a means of achieving sustainable development.

You can contact Roodland for more information about GIFT city.


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