Book Summary: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Lipika Pandey L

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is about how efficiently we can construct a flourishing real estate business, drawing examples both about the expert as well as the individual side of things.  While the teachings of this book are meant for real estate agents, a lot of them are valuable for other businesses as well. 

We all have to deal with a real estate agent while buying or selling a property. So, what do we experience? Do we have a smooth operator with a shimmering grin and a $3,000 suit? Or do we get a sad sack who couldn’t persuade to buy a bucket of water?

Just as the sales roles, a triumphant personality and the capacity to persuade others are skills essential to settle a real estate negotiation. However, it takes more than that to make a sustainable, successful real estate business.

We’ll see in this book summary that, by laying the right goals, learning a few tricks, and realizing what motivates us, we can turn a fledgling real estate business into a genuine domain.


The 3 Lessons to help us create a booming Real Estate service business:

Lesson 1: The 3 L’s: leads, listings, and leverage, forms the base of successful real estate business.

Gary Keller was an operator for a long time. He developed his business from scratch before he began composing and teaching others what he has learned. Right up ’til today, the 3 L model is his baseline. A decent real estate agent seals the deal agreements for his clients – each agreement implies a home sold and a commission in the realtor’s pocket. But there can’t be any agreements endorsed without postings of the accessible property first – and to list somebody’s property, they need to hire us, that is the reason we require leads. Listings are an aftereffect of having more merchant leads than purchaser leads. Every merchant has a property to list, yet every purchaser just needs to see our listings. Finally, leveraging systems, tools, and individuals will assist us with developing our business, accomplishing more, and creating more profit. 


Leads: “Until you have enough leads (to meet or exceed your goals), there is no other issue”

Listings: “Listings are the high-leverage, maximum earning opportunity in our industry.”

Leverage: “Who is going to do it? How will they do it? What will they do it with? Answers: People, Systems, and Tools”


Lesson 2: Towards becoming a better human, you can’t find a finish line.

Gary recounts two surprising tales about embracing failure. One is about Abraham Lincoln, who became bankrupt two times, lost a bid for a legislative seat, messed up not one, but rather two congressional campaigns, two senatorial missions, and a vice presidency campaign – all before ultimately becoming the president.

The subsequent one is about Roger Banister breaking the 4-minute mile record, a psychological obstruction that couldn’t be defeated for quite a long time until he did it, and after two months another person broke his record.

In this race against failures, which is truly only a competition to improve personally, there’s no end goal. Extraordinary people don’t require anybody to drive the way. They generally endeavor to be better. Until they pass on. It’s exactly what they do.


Lesson 3: Don’t invest all your time working hard in your business, instead work on your business to save your time.

At last, regardless of the number of deals you can make because of your systems, leads, leverage, and listings, in the end, you’ll hit a roadblock: Time. You can’t copy yourself. Time will continuously be your most important asset, and the best way to get a greater amount of it is to deal with your business. The more you’re occupied with making income, the less time you need to contemplate how to develop it. So, when you begin bringing in good money, move away from the inside and work outside.


Millionaire Real Estate Agent Thinks in These 9 Ways:

  1. Think Powered by a major why: The why will bring the importance, concentration, and energy behind everything you do. So, you should sell the real estate at the beginning of the day.
  2. Think big goals and models: “If you don’t have a dream, your life will be about your problems. Your future organizes you now-it is the power of the future pull.”
  3. Think of possibilities: Top real estate salespeople are profoundly acquainted with the saying “Act as though it were impossible to fail,” and they build their careers on this.
  4. Think of action: The massive actions can only be completed through a big why.
  5. Think without fear: “Having a Big Why You focus on what the millionaire real estate agent usually has going for them – the power of motivation that comes on your greatest fear is not reaching your goal.”
  6. Think of progress: Progress is about repetition and quantity.
  7. Think competitively and strategically: “Start where the rules stop and challenge your competition to catch you!”
  8. Thinks of standards: Highly successful real estate agents think of norms for themselves and everyone else around them.
  9. Thanks, service: Virtually every time-producing agent we have ever worked with has a profound and practically innate sense of service.

The 8 Goal Categories of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

These are the 8 goals one should track for themselves and team consistently:

  1. Leads Generated
  2. Listings
  3. Contracts Written
  4. Contracts Closed
  5. Money
  6. People
  7. Systems/Tools
  8. Personal Education

Concluding Words!

Real estate success is due to leads, listings, and leveraging assets. Whenever you’ve set up your business utilizing these standards, you can step back and change your concentration, developing your business while sustaining your agents to bring in considerably more money for you.


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