Are You Neighbors with a Power Grid Station?

Kishan Thakkar K

Since the evolution of mankind began, the introduction of electricity has been one of the greatest inventions. Present lifestyle has become so much dependent on electricity that sometimes it can be considered equivalent to the air you breathe! In other words it is an absolutely necessary part of one’s life. 

Many things you look around run on electricity, be it ACs, coolers, mobile phones, bulbs, to the upcoming electric cars!

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Modern Power Plants

You might have heard about the power plants, well, that is where the electricity is generated and travels to our house through the system called power distribution grid that includes substation & transmission lines. Since it is impractical to store a large amount of electricity as of now, it should be produced as it is consumed parallelly. 

Health Hazards From These Power Stations

We have talked about the basics of power plants. There is one risk associated with staying near or around the power stations. It can cause some serious health hazards. We will see those points in brief.

  1. The Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) generated by high voltage are known to have carcinogenic effects (having the potential to cause cancer)
  2. It can be serious for your kids, elder people and pets.
  3. Interferences with the mobile phone network, Wi-Fi Connections, etc.

Few Tips to Stay Safe if You Have a House in Such Zones

  1. Use an EMF blocking pendant or necklace.
  2. Remove older appliances from the house.
  3. Stay 2-3 feet away from the appliances.
  4. Stay 6 feet away from the communication devices such as cordless phones, mobile phones, and other electrical devices.

In Summary

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