NGDRS: Everything You Need to Know

Sujan Afi S

Words like security, certainty, family, love, and the like are very pleasurable to human ears. No matter what we appear to be in front of the world, at the end of the day we get tired of being pretentious. We seek someone to listen to our words. We need a place to feel safe and secure. There comes the significance of a house. It is a place where we don’t need to pretend what we are not. It is a place where we can find a shoulder to cry upon. That is the reason why we tend to spend almost our entire savings in buying a property. 

However, everything is not over just by buying the property. The property you buy needs to be registered too. There was a time when this process was a bit difficult. But now the government of India has made the process online, thus, reducing the hassles to a great extent! The government has launched the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) for this purpose. It is a project which was initiated by the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India in the year 2017

The main purpose behind the launching of this project is to the digitisation of land records throughout the country. It is a generic software developed for the registration of properties. The software plays a significant role in the registration of properties throughout the country under one single software which can be termed as ‘one nation one software’. This makes the process of registration, purchase or sale of property very smooth and quick throughout the country. 

A Deeper Understanding

NGDRS is a cloud-based application that is mainly developed and maintained by National Informatics Centre (NIC). NGDRS also facilitates the states to configure the software as per their requirements. The launching of NGDRS has created a revolutionary change in the way of registration of documents throughout the country. Digitalization of documents, more specifically digitalization of land documents, throughout the country is the basic target of NGDRS by the government of India. NGDRS promotes online registration of property, online payment of stamp duty. It further allows booking an appointment at the SRO (Sub Registrar’s Office) in online mode, valuation of the property etc. 

NGDRS is launched by the government of India as a pilot programme that allows people to register their property through online portals all across the country. NGDRS is a state-specific online registration process that indicates that the registration of property through NGDRS is done under the specific state registration website. Under NGDRS each state has their websites through which the citizens of the specific states can register their property. At present, there are several states and union territories that have successfully implemented NGDRS in their respective states.

Significance of NGDRS

The launching of NGDRS is recognized as a great leap in the digitization of property records throughout the country. It is a significant step that can be defined as a transcendence from manual to online registration of property. This also includes selling, purchasing or transferring land property from one party to the other. It represents a shift from a conventional manual registration system to an online system. This system makes the process of registration of property easier and hassle-free for the citizens of the country. Even in rural areas, the registration of the property is done in the digital mode under NGDRS. It is a major step towards the digitalization of India. People can save a lot of their precious time while registering property through NGDRS. 

At times various kinds of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes etc. (at present, Covid 19) create a risk for manual processing of registration of property. The application of NGDRS has solved this kind of problem to a large extent. Further, NGDRS helps a lot in the mitigation of the burden of paperwork in various government departments that are involved in property registration. 

Why would you go to some person or stand in a long queue to register your property? NGDRS provides the facility of valuation of the property only with a single click of the mouse. It has made the registration process quite easy. You can do the work all by yourself. Gone is the day when you had to rely on somebody else to do your work! Further, as the process is made online, therefore, the process of registration or buying or selling of property is faster than the conventional method.

Key Features of NGDRS

  • Provides the facility of registration services to the citizens, registration department and its allies.
  • NGDRS can be configured according to the state requirements and State-specific Property Registration Act.
  • Provides the people with the NGDRS opportunity to enter in the digital registration system.
  • Online valuation of the property can be done.
  • Alerts are given to the citizen through SMS/Email.
  • Citizens can search for required legacy data.
  • E- KYC- UID method of authentication
  • It provides a land record system that is linked with unique citizen identification.
  • The system has initiated e-sign (digital sign) and also biometric authentication in the registration process.
  • Online payment can be done through NGDRS.
  • It supports the local language.
  • NGDRS provides time-bounded services which shorten the time of property registration.
  • For prevention of duplicate or reuse stamp paper, it is linked with the software of stamp inventory.
  • Appointment at SRO can be done through online mode.
  • Brings all registration stakeholders to one single platform.

Main Uses of NGDRS

  • Registration of property.
  • Payment of stamp duty.
  • Online booking of appointment at the SRO.
  • Valuation of property.

In Summary

I hope that you have developed an idea regarding National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) and its significance in registering your land documents. These kinds of technical terms can be difficult for layman’s understanding.

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