Al Hazm mall, Qatar – An Oasis of Splendor and Culture

Sakera Patel S

No matter where you live, malls are pretty much a part of everyday life, and this one in Qatar is no exception to that rule. The Al Hazm mall offers everything you could want or need to feel like you’re at home in style, with shops and restaurants as well as plenty of places to relax after shopping or taking care of business in the city.

From the outside, you’d never guess what’s waiting inside Al Hazm mall in Qatar; and that’s on purpose! From the instant you walk in, you’re transported into another world, full of splendor and culture, one that is curated by some of the world’s top designers and architects.

It’s also just one example of how real estate can be used to support Qatar’s impressive commitment to progress and growth.

What Makes the Mall So Special?

It is a place for business, shopping, and even recreation. It is a place where people go to escape from work, go out with friends or family, watch movies at one of its theaters, or just shop until they drop. The Al-Hazm Mall in Qatar has been designed to cater to all those who visit it.

A veritable oasis of splendor and culture, it provides an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that makes customers want to stay for hours on end. There are restaurants and cafes to suit every taste, cinemas showing new releases as well as places where you can relax with your friends.

It is ranked as one of the most coolest and cultured malls in the world by New York Times. There are also numerous stores selling everything from clothes to furniture. The minute you step inside the mall, you feel like you are taking a stroll in Europe. It is so because the mall’s architecture is European Inspired.

Then there are these olive trees. But you are going to ask, what’s so unusual about olive trees? Well, they are not just any ordinary olive trees, they are 600-700 old trees, brought and transported from Sicily.

Wait until you read about the distinct architecture of Al Hazm Mall.

Real Estate Amenities Inside Al Hazm Mall

You’ve got to see it to believe it! The mega mall boasts designer outlets, elegant cafés, restaurants, and events. There are Luxury retail brands and here are some to just name a few:

These retails cannot be found anywhere else in Qatar!

Restaurants and Cafes

I for one, visit the Al Hazm mall, because of the restaurants and café. It is a place where one can hang out with their friends or family. So, there are wondrous restaurants like:

And the Rosemary Café at the Hazm mall is to die for! 


Find peace in Al Hazm Library, a tranquil sanctuary full of serene silence that offers the public an opportunity to explore the stacks of books and magazines and flee from the overwhelming stresses of life. Packed with rare and valuable books, The Center offers visitors a lazy morning or a long afternoon spent with a good read, during which they can benefit from peace, either in a comfortable corner or without leaving their reading spot.

Other Amenities

There is a 3,000 square meter space deep beneath the ground, serving as an auction and gallery within the exclusive VVIP section. There is a ladies club, a children’s playroom, prayer rooms, and a parking space in the basement.

Architecture Excellence of Al Hazm mall

The entrance is a tiny version of the Louvre glass pyramid.

As you step inside the mall, you feel like you are taking a stroll in Europe. But that’s not it, Al-Hazm provides its stoppers and shoppers with an upscale urban oasis —where luxury meets culture.

Also, one may feel like they are walking in an ancient mall. This is because parts of the mall are inspired by the oldest mall in the world, which is in Italy- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 

This luxurious mall has used more than 41,000 tons of marble and stones imported from Tuscan and Jerusalem. You will also get to see some complex carvings throughout the marbles and for that skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan were brought to Qatar to do the intricate carvings. No stone was left unturned when it came to designing the mall. Even the elevators are accoutred in multi-colored marble.  The Galleria is a marble and stone gallery with a glided roof with glass-domed roof which you will see in the central hall. 

Now, talking about the architecture, the mall is a combination of Roman, Gothic, European, and Islamic architecture. The classical continental style reflects the ancient Europe shopping places. The scale of the building and the beauty of the central garden attracts and aims to bring a timeless experience.

The magnificent architecture in contrast with the outdoor pavilions and modern landscaping makes it an out-and-out place, no matter the time. The flooring of the white marbles plays a crucial role in the outdoor cooling system by absorbing the heat. Truly, the carving of the marbles, the glass dome, and the floral art are what catches the eye.

To Summarize

The mall is not only for shoppers but also for people who want to hang out with their friends and family. As it is said by Soufiane El Ouazzani, Al Hazm’s marketing director, the mall will mainly cater to the Qataris who visit Paris and Milan for shopping instead of Doha. But now, this place is catering to everyone’s needs from the tiniest product to shopping for cars.


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