Ahmedabad Metro Project: How Can You Gain from It?

Sujan Afi S


Why do you think that a real estate property is quite precious for us? For many amongst us, tangible property is a source of hope. It gives us a sense of security. We have emotions related to our home. A home is a place where we try to reach at the end of the day. It is a place where we are ourselves!

Some of us spend a huge amount of our savings on buying a house. So, don’t you think that you need to consider certain factors before you buy your apartment? The answer is “YES”.

So, what are the factors that can affect your decision of buying a real estate property? You might consider the locality, the distance of the property from your workspace, the market, hospital, etc. However, it is not always possible to get a property near your workspace. Then you have to see whether there is any bus/train/car/metro route available.

Considering the hardships of the general public, the decision to construct the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project has been taken. Phase 1 of the metro project covers two parts- the North-South passageway beginning from APMC, Vasna to Motera Stadium followed by the East-West corridor beginning from Thaltej Gam to Vastral Gam.

A Deeper Understanding: Will I be benefitted?

Connectivity straightforwardly influences a buyer’s choice of choosing an area. The impending metro belt will cover the principal city of Ahmedabad to its electronics and IT industry of Gandhinagar. It will decongest a portion of the traffic defaced spaces of the city and will likewise guarantee fast connectivity to its travellers.

Thus, if you buy a property near the metro belt, you will be in an advantageous position. It is of doubt that the price of the real estate properties near the metro belt is increasing. Thus, if you already have a property, you can gain a good amount of money by just selling the property now! Further, as the overall price is rising day by day, naturally, the rent of the houses will also increase. Thus, the landlords/landladies can have some extra cash now!

How do you feel if your cab gets stuck in the traffic while you are going to the office to get an important job done? You get irritated. Further, you feel helpless imagining how your boss would react when he/she sees you late in the office! However, the case is going to change drastically if you stay in an apartment near the Gandhinagar metro in Ahmedabad! Why? Simply, because it is going to decongest the rode-ways. You can reach your office on time either by the metro or by bus, cab, etc.

Due to the construction of the Ahmedabad metro project, there is an increasing demand for real estate properties in the adjoining areas. Thus, the builders and developers are constructing or re-developing the buildings so that the buyers can buy apartments/houses near the adjoining areas. Several offices, industries, hospitals, etc. are also getting built. Thus, there is rapid scale urbanisation due to this metro project. So, we can understand that the metro project has given ample reasons to invest in the real estate properties in Ahmedabad.


I hope that I have been able to give you a brief idea about how the Ahmedabad metro project can affect your real estate property to a great extent.

It is an obvious fact that any kind of development will lead to urbanization. There will be a rise in the price of tangible properties too. Now, you have to decide how can you create profit out of the whole business. Still, if you are in a dilemma, you can consult with our experts of Roodland India. They can guide you in the best way. Our experts are dedicated to your cause and understand your needs and demands. Accordingly, they suggest the best for you. So, what makes you ponder? Drop a mail at info@roodland.com to get in touch with us!


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