Mannat, Shahrukh Khan’s Dream House

Sujan Afi S

We often tend to look into the lives of the ones we admire a lot. We love to talk about them. We love to know more about them. I still remember that my friend used to gather every bit of the information she used to get about Michael Jackson.

Did you ever think why is this so?

Why is it that we love to know what our idols do every day? Why is it that we have pleasure when we see their videos or anything else?

This is not only because we admire them. This is also because we want to live a life, we think they are living! 

In today’s blog I have for you some information about Shahrukh Khan’s house MANNAT.

The crowd of the mass in front of Mannat on special days (like Shahrukh Khan’s birthday, Eid, etc.) is not unknown to us. You might also have seen several pictures of Mannat on Google.

What is MANNAT?

The King of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan’s residential place Mannat is situated at Bandstand in Bandra West. It is a 6-story high, ocean confronting palatial house. It is a place of interest.

A few hundred individuals regularly visit the house expecting to get a brief look at their cherished Bollywood star! King Khan’s home sweet home accompanies extravagantly finished inside and lovely gardens on the front side.

Sneak Peek Into the Small Details of Mannat!

The Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan purchased his dream house from ‘Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust’ in 2001. The Khans named it ‘Villa Vienna’ initially. It was changed to ‘Jannat’ later on. However, King Khan finally decided to name his dream house ‘Mannat’ in 2005 when his career was flourishing and all his dreams were coming true. 

It is said that King Khan wanted to have a peaceful space for prayer. That is why he wanted to build Mannat, his dream house, on his terms. Such is the love of Shahrukh Khan for his house that he says that even if he has to sell everything in his life, he is not going to sell Mannat! 

‘Mannat’ is a 1920s-time, Grade III heritage building with flawless Italian design and perplexing neo-classical components. It is an ideal mix of vintage, current and snazzy interior. Two living rooms are covering the entire space of two floors! The Khans have got an entire floor as playrooms for their children. There is also a library, a bar, and an entertainment room. 

The house possesses some of the most valued belongings that one might claim at any point. A portion of these incorporates a big canvas of Subhash Awchat’s reclining clown, a sculpture of Radha-Krishna, a jade Ganapati, and a couple of 4 ft tall dark vases from Paris.

The interior of Mannat is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes away from the view. Every object is well organised and has been brought from almost every corner of the earth. Let’s have a look at some of the pictures of the inside of Mannat.


Gauri Khan, alongside planner and designer, Kaif Faqui, planned the insides of Mannat. It required nearly 10 years to get the design complete. She additionally planned the terrace so that the family can spend some quality time together. It is also a place where SRK regularly comes to welcome its fans.

The bathroom of Mannat has been designed with black and white marbles. The meticulous use of glass and mirrors adds to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

Further, Gauri Khan says, “I don’t like minimalist spaces, I love things that are warm, eclectic, personal and collectable. My home has been built gradually over years of collecting stuff that I feel passionately about. It’s essential to make something your own.”

On a Final Note

So, I hope that you have got a glimpse of Mannat through this blog. It is not possible to get every detail of the palace through a blog. Nevertheless, I have tried to give you some details of Mannat and share some pictures of the house that would satisfy your aesthetic eyes. 

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