7 Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill This Summer (Part 2)

Kavya Manoj K

The Indian summer season starts in March and lasts until May. The summer is getting warmer each year. Sunburn and sunstrokes are recurring continuously as the side effects of intense heat. 

The season of March gives an exhausted feel to all.

Recently an article got published by CNBC reporting climate change in India, it mentioned that India recorded its highest March temperature and third highest April temperature. India recorded the highest temperature in 122 years.

The stories of heat in summer go like this. Reports state that the intensity of heat will increase in the coming years. So we have to be careful about the future too. Health matters after all. So we should give prime importance to ourselves. 

Try to remain indoors during extreme temperatures. The government provides strict guidelines during the summer season. It is advisable to remain at home or in the office during day time. Schedules for construction workers and other outdoor workers are altered due to intense heat. 

But remaining inside the home during the summer season is a terrible task. Overuse of air conditioners can reflect an increase in electric bills. Overall summer heat will drain your energy as well as your budget too. Don’t worry.

Through some simple tips, you can bring down your electricity bill at home during the summers

1. On Your Ceiling Fans 

Here is an amazing fact about ceiling fans. A ceiling fan does not cool room air it cools your skin. It has no cooling mechanism. It helps to evaporate the sweat on your body to cool your body. While AC is used to push out hot air and move cool air, thus keeping your room cool. Turn on the ceiling fan when you enter a room and remember to switch it off when you move out.

Window fans are also reliable. They will help in proper air circulation. It can reduce the hot air. Thus for a better cool summer, it is better to install a ceiling fan or window fan in each room. It can reduce the electric bill to a great extent.

2. Be Smart With Smart Lights

Turn off the lights after use. Conserve energy to reduce electric bills. Incandescent bulbs can consume more power. They will emit a large amount of heat energy. It will make your home warmer. Some bulbs can run on low electricity and have a longer life.

LEDs and CFLs are some of the smart bulbs which can reduce your electricity bills. It can make your home cooler. Also, turn off the electric appliances which charge heavy current for a minimum of 1 hour in the evening. It can reduce the usage of current. 

3. Prevent Your Home With Shades

Summer heat will be at its peak during noon time. Install blinds to avoid the entrance of sunlight inside. You can also use curtains to block the sunlight. Bamboo blinds are advisable since it is more useful and enhance the look of your room. It is more effective and will add up to your interior style.

Remember to pull the curtains or blinds when you leave home or room. Also, open the shades during the night. Summer nights will be cooler than days. So airflow can keep your home cool. It is a natural way to reduce the summer heat and thus reduce the electric bills too.

4. Do Proper Insulation 

Lack of proper insulation will cause the leakage of electricity. It is dangerous and will raise your electricity bill. Make sure the attic, walls, and floors are properly insulated.

Poor insulation will result in the escape of cool air. You won’t get enough cooling and also longer use of the air conditioner can cause a hike in the electric bill. Prevent the gaps between doors and windows. 

5. AC Filtering

Filter your AC regularly for efficient cooling. Lack of maintenance will result in more electricity consumption. If you are living in an eco-friendly area you have to clean your AC every 2 months.

If you are living in a metropolitan city that is highly populated and polluted, then you have to clean the filter monthly. The maintenance will depend on the area you live. 

6. Choose 5-star Appliances

Energy efficient appliances can bring down your electricity bill. 5-star appliances are a bit costly but have low electricity consumption. As the number of star increase, the energy consumption level will decrease. Spending money on 5-star appliances will only bring happiness to you.

It will save you money on your electricity bill. There will be offers during the festival seasons. So buy them wisely and bring down your electricity bill.

7. Thatching the Roof

It is a traditional method to keep your home cool during summer. It is popular in India. It is building a roof with straw, heather, or palm branches. It can act as a good insulator, it helps to retain the cool air inside. It can function similarly to AC. Spraying some cool water on the thatched roof can cool your home. Thus it will reduce the use of AC, automatically resulting in low electricity bills. 

In Summary

Some of these are effective ways to reduce the electricity bill at home during summer. Beyond these, nature can help you. Incorporate living green plants in your home. They can absorb the toxins and will reduce the room temperature. Avoid an open roof. Do some vegetable gardening or some other types. Soil can act as a good insulator. So the presence of green plants too can reduce the home temperature.

Having a healthy diet is also important. Have more natural drinks and watery fruits. It can keep your body cool.

Through these simple tips, you can reduce your summer electric bills. No more worries, enjoy your summer at home!


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