7 Tips for Selling a Home

Shreya S

Stressed about selling your home? Not getting a potential buyer for your home? Then, here is a piece of advice to free you from the hectic work of getting a perfect buyer for your home. Working in accordance with the following tips will surely ease up your work and also within a short span of time. 

Tip 1: Pricing it Right

Everybody wants to make maximum money out of their home sale, but at the same time it equally important to be realistic. While selling your home, you have to price it smartly rather than under-pricing it for a quick sale. To get an idea of the right price of your home, searching local listings and finding properties that are similar to yours will give you a good ballpark estimate. 

Tip 2: Choose your agent wisely

Choosing the wrong realtor can ruin your sale. You need to work with a realtor who is as invested in selling your home as you are, who is informed and can provide helpful services through the entire selling process, which means someone who tells you exactly what you are doing wrong and how it can be improved- not someone who just sticks a poster on your front door and help coordinate showings.

While selecting an agent to work with, ask for advice from people you trust and who have been through the process itself, considering your particular needs. When it comes to choosing an agent, you have a lot of options, so choose one who is the best fit for your home.

Tip 3: Get Professional Pictures Clicked

Photos are the very first impression of your home, with everything being on the internet and social media. Photos dictate whether a buyer will end up scheduling a showing or not. Your home’s best features must be highlighted by good real estate photos and taking every measure to make the space look inviting and as warm as possible. The photograph session must be scheduled on a sunny day that can showcase a great natural light to your home as photographs are the most important part of your listing, so make sure they are done right. Beautiful snaps and high-quality photos will give you more potential buyers through the door.

Tip 4: Declutter

Once you know you are going to list your home, get rid of clutter from your home. Stash the clutter in a storage unit if you have or find a family friend willing to share some extra space in their home. Box up everything that you don’t need in near future; it includes out-of-season clothing, books, most of the decors, family photos, collections, travel items, keepsakes, and pretty much anything that has been sitting back in your closet for a long time. The less personal your space at home, the more potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Tip 5: Be Accommodating 

The process of selling becomes painful when buyers start scheduling showings at their convenience and you have to get out of your home in the middle of lunch. It can be worse…. When you have no buyers coming through at all! When you are selling your home make sure to say yes to every single showing request, even when you have to be out of the house- with your pets- in 10 minutes. Always rearrange your schedule around what’s ideal for the buyer because suggesting a new time than what’s requested may not work for some buyers.

Tip 6: Stage Your Home

 To fasten the sale of your home, it needs to be decorated in a way that highlights its best assets along with decluttering and depersonalizing. To achieve this you may be required to paint your walls with neutral colors, rearrange your furniture, and repair obvious imperfections. Along with this be assured that you get obviate of everything that dates your house, old paintings, holiday decorations, or a snow shovel leaning against the garage.    

Tip 7: Ask For Feedback

To know exactly what you are doing right or wrong, it is important to get clear feedback from every single agent who visits your home because some buyers agents might contact you later to give you feedback while some may not, so make sure that your realtor always follows up with the buyer’s agent to get their feedback and opinion. Then you can use that feedback to make necessary changes as required.

Few Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Home

  1. Stay focused on the business aspect of selling your home by keeping your emotions in check.
  2. Keep a sufficient duration of time in hand if you wish to sell your house on your own.
  3. Always set a reasonable price for your home based on comparable homes in the area, even if you think your home is worth more.
  4. Always accommodate viewers even if it inconveniences you.
  5. Never ignore major repairs and making costly renovations.

The average time required to sell a house ranges between 60-65 days but it is absolutely possible to sell faster by avoiding few mistakes and taking time to optimize each aspect of the process and at the end of the day the selling process will be as smooth and painless as possible.


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