7 Major Reasons Why Can’t India Be the Centre of Home Automation

Sujan Afi S


Life is beautiful. It gives us innumerable opportunities and limitless possibilities. Man is the most wonderful creation of the Almighty. He can use his knowledge and power to reach the darkest corner of the world. He can be the ray of hope in the darkness. With the advancement of time, man has become more creative. He has evolved much. He has achieved much. But this evolution has not happened miraculously in one day. He has learnt from his mistakes and has evolved through the time. 

With the changes in the behaviour of human being, the society has also changed for its betterment. It changed to become more accurate and easier. Similarly, now India (and the whole world) is advancing technologically. But, can we imagine India to be totally digitalised? Can India reach to a level where there will be no need of man power? To have an answer to this crucial question, we must have an understanding of the current situation of India. 

India is a nation of poor people. The Britishers have exploited them before 1947. Though they have left India, they have left behind a handful of ‘Brown Sahibs’ who have learnt the art of exploitation from the former. These people have started exploiting the mass post-independence. Thus, the nation is divided into the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Needless to say, the major chunk of Indian population belongs to the group of the ‘have nots’. They have to work hard on a daily basis so that they can have one meal at the end of the day. These people live in slum-like areas. How can they even imagine of home automation when the only aim is to have some food at the end of the day? 

There is also a group of people who are neither too rich nor poor. They either have a government job or a small-scale local business. It is seen that some of them live in a joint family in their ancestral house, some live in rented apartment. Some might be seen to struggle to buy a house or an apartment. How can the people who are struggling to get a loan to invest in a property ever imagine of home automation? 

To be frank, India is not a country where each and every person sleeps with his stomach full! Nevertheless, there are certain people from India who have stepped towards home automation. But we cannot ignore the mass and count the few. 

Now, when we have got a bird’s eye view of the present scenario of India

Let’s have a look at some reasons why home automation cannot become the priority of India

  1. The concept is very expensive: As we have already seen, maximum people of India struggle to earn their daily bread. Why is this so? Simply because their income is less than their expenditure. Naturally, they can’t imagine to materialise the concept of home automation which is very expensive. They prefer to use the manually driven devices rather than the smart devices.
  2. Less clarity: The people are not having a definite and structured knowledge about home automation, use of smart devices. Home automation is much more than just changing the television channels or switching on/off the light/fan through voice command. Home automation is a complicated process altogether.
  3. Technological problems: The instalment procedure is quite complex. Further it requires a huge wiring too. It is not always possible to do internal wiring. Would you like to see your house filled with heavy wires all over? Definitely not.
  4. Day-dream in rural areas: We know that there are several parts of India where there is no proper electricity. Some areas have no electricity at all! They will perhaps wonder if you teach them a lesson on home automation! Why? Because, for them the priority is electricity, not automated home. 
  5. Security issues: There are several security issues cropping us with the emergence of smart homes. Definitely, we have to wake the device up by saying phrases like “OK Google”, still there is a possibility that the devices might be hacked and some private information can be misused by others. Therefore, an individual who is not technically an expert, will definitely no prefer a smart home.
  6. Electricity problem: A smart home will be called smart only in the presence of electricity and internet connection. But there are areas where there are power cuts every now and then. Naturally, the people living in those areas will not prefer home automation.
  7. Not an all-embracing concept: Business is only successful when the products are prepared keeping in mind the entire population. As the smart home or smart devices are quite expensive, they are not affordable to the entire population of India. Obviously, the Real Estate agents have started providing automated houses or apartments to its customers, nevertheless, such expensive houses are beyond the reach of common people. So, in order to make the entire project of automatic houses a success, major modification is required. 

There are other reasons too. For instance, if you live in a joint family, you must have your grandparents who are from older generations. They will not embrace the concept because they are not used to it. There are several old houses in India. Implementation of the concept of home automation is quite difficult there. 


Alright, I hope I have been able to explain you why the concept of automatic home is a luxury in present India. India has other serious problems to deal with. Making India the centre of home automation is too good to imagine now. 

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