6 Clever Ways to Hide Cords in Your House

Sakera Patel S

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room? If your answer isn’t the wires, you’re not alone! Ugly, unsightly cords have no place in the modern home, but hiding them is easier said than done.

Cord at home © cottonbro

Here are some clever ways to hide wires and cords in your home, so the only thing you see when you walk into any room of your house is beautiful.

1. Use Decorative Cord Covers

Cord covers are perhaps a bit of an underutilized tool when it comes to hiding wires and cords. Instead of ripping out walls or adding on new extensions, cover your cables with these stylish décor pieces. Their neutral color blends seamlessly into almost any room, and they allow you to either lay them flat or wrap them around furniture legs for a decorative effect.

How you display your cable might depend on whether you’re trying to hide them—either way, will be more attractive than hanging duct tape off your outlet!

2. Use the Right Cable Management Solution

There are many different cable management solutions out there, from inexpensive Velcro or zip ties to professional plastic organizers. Depending on your budget, find something that works for you. Always remember: Don’t just zip tie everything into a ball of knots—you need airflow around your cables to keep them cool and extend their life expectancy.

3. Have Some Sort of Cover-Up

Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to put your cords on display. If that’s what you need to do, at least make it look good. Something as simple as buying a decorative cord cover can do wonders for your space. This simple solution not only hides your cords but also adds some style.

You might even consider using a piece of wood with small holes drilled into it to cover up large cords or wires. You can drill a hole into small logs by using an electric drill with a hole saw attachment; just be sure to keep them away from water! Or use colourful tape that matches your decor as another way of hiding unsightly power cords. Get creative!

4. Create a Spare Power Strip

If you have plenty of outlets around your home but still feel like you don’t have enough, it might be time to add some more. You can do that by adding an extension cord or a power strip as well. The latter is helpful if you have multiple devices that need extra juice or even if you want one for your bedroom and one for your office.

If you are short on outlets but long on cords, here’s how to hide them quickly. It will only take a few minutes of work:

1) unplug all wires that are attached to furniture,

2) run the cord under a rug,

3) place furniture over wires,

4) tape furniture down with painter’s tape,

5) put rug back,

6) plug everything back in.

5. Get Under Your Desk

Getting under your desk is one of those tips that seems too good to be true. Does it really make a difference? Well, yes, according to multiple studies. The average office worker uses their legs for 10 hours each day, but our bodies weren’t designed for sitting at a desk all day long. Resting our legs on an elevated surface—like your desk—increases blood flow, which helps you avoid fatigue faster.

This can help prevent health issues like high blood pressure or lower back pain. And who wouldn’t want that? Getting under your desk might just become one of your favourite tasks of the day!

6. Conceal with paint

Sometimes you’ll want to hide wires for a cosmetic reason. Hiding unsightly cords behind a TV is an obvious choice, but it isn’t always feasible when you have lots of wires. Instead, try concealing them with paint! Choose your favorite paint color and use a stencil or a steady hand to apply it over any visible cords.

To keep things safe, just make sure that none of your stencils cut through any wire insulation—and that you don’t miss any spots on those walls! Because once they dry, they won’t come off.

In Summary

At some point, nearly every household will have wires or cords running throughout it. These could be for lamps, electronics, appliances—the list goes on. You may want to hide them out of plain sight (we understand your shame), or you may just want to keep them hidden from children.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope it helped you to get a better understanding of how to hide cords.


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