What is Global Housing Technology Challenge – GHTC-India?

Kishan Thakkar K

MoHUA has initiated the Global Housing Technology Challenge – India (GHTC-India) which aims to identify and mainstream a basket of innovative construction technologies from across the globe for the housing construction sector that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and disaster-resilient.

Milestones and Timeline

Source: GHTC India

3 Components of GHTC-India

Grand Expo and Conference

All stakeholders in the construction of housing can come together to exchange knowledge and business at the event, which is organized biennially.

Proven Demonstrable Technologies for the Construction of Lighthouse Projects

Research, testing, technology transfer, increasing mass awareness, and mainstreaming of the selected technologies are carried out through these projects, which serve as live laboratories to demonstrate the merits of the selected technologies.

Potential Future Technologies for Incubation and Acceleration Support

ASHA (Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators) India supports and encourages future technologies that may apply to the housing sector in India.

Key points

Light House Projects (LHP) at six sites 

Six Light House Projects (LHPs) consisting of about 1,000 houses each with physical and social infrastructure facilities are being developed at six locations across the country: Indore; Rajkot; Chennai; Ranchi; Agartala; and Lucknow. The six shortlisted innovative technologies will be used in these applications for field-level application, learning, and replication.

Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerator – India (ASHA India)

By providing a suitable platform for promoting and showcasing India’s vibrant and dynamic community of innovators, ASHA-India aims to catalyze research and development in the housing construction sector, building materials, and related products.

You can find out more information by visiting the Official Website of GHTC-India.


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