5 Small Steps You Can Take for Sustainable Future

Kishan Thakkar K

As we all know, climate change is real, and it is nearer than we think. There are, however, many ways to make the world a better place by contributing to the environment. 

What comes to mind when you think of climate change? Using solar panels and growing more trees could be a good start. I could buy an electric car. Are any of these ideas actually implemented? The answer is no! How many of us use solar energy or own electric cars?

The following steps have been compiled as a guide for you to follow if you want to lead a more sustainable and better life. Let’s take a look at some of the easy steps to follow.

Taking Steps Towards a Greener Future

  1. Reuse The Plastic

There are many habits that we can adopt to make our lives more sustainable, and reusing plastic is one of them. Rather than throwing away the milk packets and snacks wrappers, you can wash them and collect them. As a waste management practice, we can use the big packets of plastic to use as garbage bags in our homes.  

  1. Rainwater Harvesting

Use the monsoon season wisely by collecting and storing as much rainwater as possible. Generally, people think that to collect rainwater, one must have a large, professional rainwater harvesting system. However, it only requires a small pipe, a drill on your terrace, and a huge vessel or drum to do this.  

  1. Reuse The Water

A large amount of water is used every day by humans. Water can be reused for multiple purposes at the same time, thereby saving resources and reducing waste. For example, when the meals are over, rinse the utensils with water and then wash them with soap. Collect all the water in a bucket. This water can be used to water plants.

  1. Mindful Shopping

In this context, the term mindful shopping refers to the act of buying when it is both necessary and unavoidable. You contribute to the carbon footprint every time you go shopping because of the fuel that is used. Prepare a list of recipes in advance. In this way, you will keep track of all the ingredients you have at home and reduce waste.

  1. Install Solar Panels

On a long-term basis, solar energy is going to have a positive impact on your family’s health and finances related to electricity bills. It reduces harmful emissions caused by fossil fuel use.

A solar panel system is an essential component of an eco-friendly home. By installing even a small system in your home, you can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your household and at the same time contribute to a sustainable future!

As a Final Note

Amongst all the suggestions, there is one thing that is common to all of them; they all focus on maximising the use of available resources and reusing them in order to reduce the demand. It is true that each of these habits might not seem to have a direct effect on nature, but they do have an indirect effect on nature in the sense that they have a small effect on reducing the amount of pollution. 

As the saying goes, each drop eventually becomes an ocean!


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