13 Effective Ways to Improve the Digital Conversion Rate in Real Estate

Sujan Afi S

Are you looking for increasing your real estate conversion rate? Do you need a complete solution to your problem? So, congratulations! You are in the right place because in this blog we are going to discuss how you can increase your digital conversion rate. 

What is the Digital Conversion Rate?

At first, let’s know a bit about the digital conversion. It is the base. Thus, it should be clear and it will help you understand your need in a more clarified way. Generally, a conversion takes place when a visitor of your real estate website (or any other online platform) completes the desired goal.

For instance, filling in a form, making a phone call or making a purchase. It is the number of visitors completing lead generation forms. Therefore, the digital conversion rate for a particular page (website) can be taken as the total number of visitors who complete a lead generation form divided by the total number of visitors. 

Generally, the digital conversion rate is calculated in percentage form. It refers to the percentage of total visitors or users who take the desired action. Conversion can be in several forms like sale of products, form fill up, membership registration, subscription, making a phone call, download of software or any kind of activity beyond simple browsing in the website page. Calculating conversion is very important as it indicates the return on investment (ROI) for your real estate business.

Digital Conversion Rate = Number of visitors who are complete a lead generation form / Total number of visitors × 100

Example: If the total number of visitors of a particular month is 100,000 and visitors who can fill in the forms are 3,000 in that particular month, then the rate of conversion of this particular real estate website is: 3000100000 ×100 = 3%.

Importance of the Calculation of Conversion

The importance of conversion is mentioned below

  • Knowing the rate of conversion
  • Making a future business plan
  • Calculating the cost per conversion
  • Utility of your ads
  • Comparison between the cost of advertisement and the profit from conversion
  • You can compare your digital conversion rate with the average conversion rate of the market

Process of Improving Digital Conversion Rate

The process of improving your conversion rate is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). There are some important steps that you may follow to increase your digital conversion rate. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Rethink your offer or bring some creativeness in your offer: It is observed that most common advertisements follow the same kind of pattern while advertising their offer. Therefore, people or visitors may lose their attraction. To increase the attractiveness of your advertisement towards the visitors you may rethink the pattern of your advertisement. A touch of creativeness can make your advertisement more attractive which can successfully increase your digital conversion rate.
  2. Quick loading of your website page: You need to make sure that the web page of your advertisement should load very quickly. Your conversion rate will increase if the time of loading the page is very low (preferably less than three seconds). More videos, graphs or pictures can slow down your website. As a result, people may get disinterested in your page. Therefore, you should adjust the number of videos, pictures, graphs, and information on your web page in a way that it can get loaded very quickly. 
  3. Adding testimonials: The role of various kinds of testimonials like information about your agency, details about an agent, description of the property in your web page or other online portals have a very significant influence in building the trust of the visitors or clients. Therefore, you should take your time and carefully add the necessary testimonials to your websites.
  4. Minimize your requirement fields: If there are too many required fields then the visitors will be disinterested in filling in the form. A high number of questions will drop off more number of visitors in filling up the form. Therefore, to increase the digital conversion rate you should minimise the number of questions in the form.
  5. The eye-catching button of call or message or other forms of contact: The button of call to action or message or other forms of contact should be very attractive and appealing. Further, the headline of your web page should be small and specific. Large headlines, in many cases, drop off the interest of visitors.
  6. Type of ads: There are several kinds of ads to attract visitors to your web page, like pop-ups, in-line ads, etc. Some techniques may work better on computers and some on mobile phones. Therefore, you should decide the type of ad in viewing the difference in response of the visitors towards your web page.
  7. Personalized add or offer: Personalized ads attract a greater number of customers because visitors prefer personalization. To analyse the data, you need to provide a personalized ad for increasing the digital conversion rate.
  8. Update your offer from time to time: Updating offers with the progress of time is very important. With the change of time, the taste and requirements of the customers also change. Therefore, you should update your offer from time to time to increase the digital conversion rate.
  9. Add review of the customers: To increase the digital conversion rate it is very important to increase the trust of the customers. Adding the reviews of past customers can easily increase the trust of the customers on your web page. Therefore, you can add the customer review option to your page to increase your digital conversion rate.
  10. Include live chat: Including live chat, facilities might help clear the confusion of the customer as well as increase the trust of the customer which ultimately will increase your digital conversion rate.
  11. A/B Test: To increase your digital conversion rate you should increase the number and frequency of A/B testing of various items on your web page. 
  12. Compare your offer with others: You should first compare your offer with others to make an attractive offer to your customer. This can successfully attract visitors and increase your digital conversion rate.
  13. Make yourself visible: To reach the potential customer you should increase the visibility of your web page by linking them with various social media ads.

In Summary

Increasing the digital conversion rate is, no doubt, a challenging work. Nevertheless, it is quite important for your business, especially in the current situation of Covid – 19. You can follow the above mention steps to increase your digital conversion rate. But, remember that it is a time-consuming process. So, have patience and don’t rush.

Still, if you want further clarification, you can drop a mail at info@roodland.com. The experts of Roodland India are there to handle each of your doubts with patience and care.


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