Home Inspections: What You Need to Know

Sujan Afi S

Buying a house is a dream for several people no matter whether he/she is poor or rich. Often, we spend almost our entire savings on buying a house.

Therefore, it is very important to look at everything about the property before finalizing the deal. Buying a dream home is not so easy and you need to go through a herculean task to buy a good house or, in other words, to make your investment-worthy. 

In reality, you need to keep some things in mind while going to inspect a house for buying. A perfect home inspection can save you from falling into the trap of false commitment and promises of the builder or developer, broker or seller.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a very important step in buying a house or real estate property. In this step, the buyer or investor needs to go to the house to understand the overall condition of the house before finalising the purchase deal with the developer or seller.

In this process, the buyer or investor can also verify whether the words of the developer or seller match practically with the house or not and try to find out all kinds of problems of the house so that he/she can successfully bargain with the developer or seller.

You can even seek the help of a professional for an effective and successful home inspection.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Inspection Before Purchase?

Now, let’s see how we can be benefitted from a home inspection. 

  1. Identification of structural defects: A home inspection will help you find out whether there is any structural defect in the building or house that may create problems in future. Structural defects may increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, it is very important to find out whether there are any structural defects in the building or house through a home inspection before investment.
  2. Identification of poor construction materials: Besides the identification of structural defects, it is also important to identify the types of materials used in the construction of the building. If poor quality materials are used then you might need to make repairs soon. You can also ask the seller to do so. Further, you can negotiate the price of the house!
  1. Determining the age of the building: Real estate property is a tangible resource having a specific lifetime. The older buildings have low life and the newly constructed buildings have a longer lifetime. Besides, older buildings may cause a large number of problems like leakage from the roof, dampness, etc. Therefore, during the inspection, you should try to understand the age of the building and invest in a building which is recently made.
  2. The better capability of bargaining of the home price: From home inspection, you can easily understand the pores and cones of the house and hence it will increase your bargaining capability with the seller regarding its price.
  3. Future planning: A successful home inspection will give you a detailed picture of the house and based on this you can easily plan for your future use of the property. You can plan for your home decorator as well as the placement of furniture. It will also help you create a plan regarding the overall look of your house. 
  1. Determining whether there is an infestation of pests: If a problem of infestation of pests is identified during the time of home inspection, then you can decide on whether any pesticide spray is required for termites and other wood-eating insects of the furniture of the house. You can ask the builder/developer or seller for a free pesticide spray in your house or flat to make it free from termites and other harmful wood-eating insects.
  2. Increasing the confidence for purchase: A home inspection plays a vital role in taking the ultimate decision of purchasing the house. After knowing the overall condition of the house, you can discuss the terms and conditions of purchase with the seller or developer. From a perfect home inspection, your level of confidence will increase regarding the buying of the property (whether you want to buy it or not).
  1. Helping you in understanding your demands and requirements: A full report of a home inspection will help you a lot in understanding your demands and requirements. Based on the knowledge acquired through a detailed home inspection, you can be aware of a lot of necessary things about a house and this will help you a lot to choose your future property for investment.
  2. Determining the safety level of the house: Through a home inspection, you can understand the safety level of the house like fire safety, earthquake-resistant capability, boundary wall, security, risk of flood, etc. All these factors might have a large impact on your decision of investment.
  3. Status of amenities like water supply, drainage, and electricity: A home inspection will also help you understand the level of the availability of various important amenities like water supply, drainage, electricity, etc. and based on this you can determine whether to invest or not. 

On a Final Note

A home inspection before finalising the purchase deal is a very important step in the successful completion of a real estate deal. Therefore, try not to rush. Take your time while inspecting the home.

If you are not satisfied with a one-time inspection then go for a second time until you are very sure about all pros and cons of the house or building. You might also seek professional help in this regard.

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